Head2Head: Bodycount Demo Screenshot Comparison

Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at Codemaster’s Bodycount for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The demo was made available last night on the PSN. Bodycount uses the EGO engine, the same engine that powered Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and Dirt 2. It’s set to release next Tuesday. So jump on in and lets get counting!

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RudeSole Devil2663d ago

Wow Ps3 looks pretty sub par compared to Xbox. Either way I enjoyed this game might have to pick this up

Sunhammer2663d ago

One of the ugliest games I've ever played, and I played on 360 first. Didn't even try the PSN demo. The clunky controls and disgusting art palette make this possibly the worst FPS I've played all year.

Tempjf2663d ago

wow... I didn't think it was that bad either, but ok. What about all that breakable stuff?? Had more then Crysis 2

nycredude2663d ago

When was the last time codemasters did a good shooter. This is crap on any platform.

joydestroy2663d ago

yep PS3 is also looking more washed out imo.
but it doesn't matter. i didn't enjoy the demo. i couldn't get through it for the lock in place lean feature they put it. that was a horrible idea.

2663d ago
esemce2663d ago

This game aint just ugly but the controls are horrid it felt so sluggish, its nothing like BLACK I remember that being very slick.

xtremegamerage2663d ago

I voted 360, but dam that is one boring, ugly look game.

I played the demo on the 360 then on the PS3, 360's is cleaner. But the game is a mess.

Now warhammer space marine is sweet, go test that one out.