Steve Jobs Out, Apple Game Console In?

VelocityGamer writes: Big news out of Apple today as CEO Steve Jobs has resigned. He hopes to stay on as Chairman of the Board but recommends COO Tim Cook to the position. Cook has been hailed as the next Steve Jobs before, and now it's true. What will Cook do with the computing giant? Was Wedbush Morgan's 2009 prediction right? Could a Nintendo Wii U flop precipitate an Apple entry?

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notimetobeidle2609d ago

Would they really want to enter this industry? They are doing so well in other areas. If they failed or stumbled here, it would change public opinion for the worse.

ChickeyCantor2609d ago

Actually they could convince any "apple" lover that it's the most epic sh/t ever...And yet still offer hardware thats nog even close to what the price tag will suggest.

FernandoMartinez2608d ago

Well i think they would have to change that (selling overpriced hardware) if they were to seriously enter the console "war".

iamnsuperman2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I personally think they will not release a console but a TV that has apple tv in it and also can play ios games and have its applications either via you ipad/iphone or by the remote

Death2608d ago

They are already in in it and doing pretty well. The iphone, ipod Touch and ipad are all game machines. If they enter the home console market, it would probably be 100% digital downloads through itunes though and I imagine part of their Apple TV brand. This would be their next logical step.


DlocDaBudSmoka2608d ago

correction- ipod/ipad are machines that play games, not game machines. there is quite a difference. gameboy is a games machine.

ChickeyCantor2609d ago

I like apple products....

ElementX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Dumb article. Just because the CEO steps down doesn't mean the company is going to do a 180 and release a console. It's most likely that the new CEO will continue along the profitable lines of iphone and ipad.

FernandoMartinez2608d ago

Actually that is not exactly what the article is saying. Read it.

ElementX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I did... "It isn't unheard of for a new boss to take things in a new direction." Also, quoting an analyst from 2009 is just bad reporting.

I can see quoting a politician or somebody from years ago, when they are making promises. However, an analyst is incorrect as often as a meteorologist. They are paid to make guesses, not promises and a guess from years ago is no longer valid nor can it be interpreted as predicting the market more than a few months in advance. That's like somebody saying "there will be an earthquake in California" and 2 years later there is one. They didn't predict it, they made a stupid guess that took years to happen. All "predictions" could happen given enough time.

ATi_Elite2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Well last time Steve Jobs (the Founder of Apple) resigned (1984) Apple did do a 180 and the company fell apart while Bill Gates laughed all the way to every Bank in the world and on Mars.

Luckily he came back and saved Apple. Apple has a mega ton of free cash just sitting around collecting dust and all their products do the same dam thing so it's time for Apple to make a move and buying Nintendo might be their next move (although buying HP's PC division sounds better)

Death2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Apple actually purchased one of the companies Steve Jobs created when he left. The company in question created the new OS that became Macs. It also laid the foundation for the APple Store. As for Gates, laughing all the way to the bank, while he was there he withdrew 150 million to invest in Apple to coincide with Jobs reinstatement. A deal to bring Microsoft Office to Mac was also made at this time.

Steve Jobs leaving Apple isn't a good thing for anyone. His vision and leadership have made a significant impact on many products including the competitions as they try to emulate Apples success.


C L O U D2608d ago

If an Apple game console was to come out, it would be mostly for hipsters

Pikajew2608d ago

And kids who think apple products are great

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