Forza Motorsport 4: Under the Hood Part 1

If you’ve been following the press coverage so far, you know that Forza Motorsport 4 is Turn 10 Studios’ biggest game yet. In fact, it’s so big that, despite the hundreds of stories, interviews, and videos that have appeared about Forza 4 since we officially announced back in December, there is still so much to talk about.

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Rushing_Punch4181d ago

This game looks like it could be one of the best looking of the year

MintBerryCrunch4181d ago

damn that was pretty in depth

the new affinity feature is cool, showing loyalty to your favorite car makers and showing it off to the rest of the community

manumit4181d ago

Agreed, Looks freaking insane!

marioPSUC4181d ago

Sounds like they are really going all out with this one, all those Rival challenges sound really fun, glad they increased the Level cap to 150, and they say they want to have 1% of players to 150 in 24 months, I say bring it on.

m234181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Extremely disappointing that Porsche will not be in the game. It seems as though Turn 10 tried their best, but I guess EA just likes being assholes. I was a Need for Speed fan, but I don't think I will buy another EA racing game, especially after this stupid move. Either way, the game will be great, and is still one of my most anticipated this year. October can't get here soon enough.

green4181d ago

RUF is not really the same thing as standard Porsche. They have been modified so much that they are practically different cars now.

I dont blame EA is is purely business and thats how business works. It's actually Porsche that surprises me.Porshe should have ensured that TURN 10 retain the license as well because TURN10 is the only racing series that have done Porshes absolute justice.

I bought Need for Speed Shift and the game was just terrible. The cars are so twitchy at high speed it was laughable and WTF was with the blurry dashboard?

I have driven a few cars at hgh speed round brands hatch and modern cars are very stable at speed. If cars handled the way they did in Shift, then we will all be dead by now.

FordGTGuy4181d ago

What makes it worse is that the Porsche models were already done, even Autovista versions and we will never get to seem them unless EA caves down the line and we get them in DLC.

earbus4181d ago

Nissan and mistubishi here i come more keen for this than any other game this year.

doublebass24181d ago

And toyotas man!!Dont forget the toyotas!!Loved your drumset avatar!!is that yours?i am jealous!!Forza 4the win!!

KingPin4181d ago

This game is looking good. i like the new features they bringing into the game. sounds fun and very community based.

im a ps3 only owner and im loving GT5, but yeah, good too see forza giving xbox 360 owners a game for the car ENTHUSIASTS.

Hope you guys enjoy it :)no reason why you shouldn't.

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