New PixelJunk Sidescroller Trailer: Engage Your Eyeballs

Ariel Angelotti of Q-Games writes: Hi there, PixelJunkies! I have an important update for you. What’s orange, magenta, and glowing all over? Why, it’s PixelJunk sidescroller, of course! We’ve released a brand-spankin’ new trailer for you. We hope it whets your appetite until you can get your PixelJunk-hungry hands on it.

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skyblue142132637d ago

Looks good, I will be picking this up when it is released.

Knushwood Butt2636d ago


Great devs.

Love the art direction (as always).

Looks like this is a big tribute to a whole bunch of classics, along with the company's own touches thrown in too. It's not hard to spot the influences in that trailer.