Gamestop Recalls Deus Ex Amidst OnLive Controversy

VGW: While the chain released a statement on its Facebook page earlier today, the angry consumer base didn’t buy its explanation, with some even claiming they will never purchase from GameStop again. While talk is cheap, it seems as though GameStop is listening this time around.

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killyourfm3379d ago

Sorry for the lack of image. Continuous N4G errors when trying to upload one.

VanguardOfCalamity3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Gamestop is a cancer on gaming

gamingdroid3379d ago

Personally, I don't like GameStop, but they have a right to do business and provides a valuable service.
Why is it cancer?

Ruind3379d ago

They don't have the right to open products and sell them as new.

Try this little experiment: Go to Gamestop, buy a game, open it in front of the clerk immediately, and then try to get a refund for it. He'll tell you the game is used, because you opened it. Why is it any different when they do it?

danielle0073379d ago

In the Central New York district - they let you return games within 7 days new or pre-owned as long as you have the receipt. It's not posted anywhere, but the District Manager told all the stores to just do the return for the customers.

And yes, GameStop does have that right. It's their store, they can sell the product how they want to. It's the consumers' choice whether they want to purchase it or not, and on every purchase made in GameStop there is a free 30 day warranty if something doesn't work - which I personally like.

gamingdroid3378d ago

I forgot about that practice of opening new games, then turn around and sell them as new. With their clout, can't they get free artwork and cases?

Anyhow, besides that, GameStop has a right to sell used games, just like others can sell movies, music and software.

antz11043378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

No, they have a right to sell a product, not parts of the product they deem acceptable.

On the other hand SE should have told them they were in the packaging.

The BIG thing that could bite GS in the a$$ is what happened to all the OnLive passes? Guaranteed a lot were pocketed by employees, I've heard of that being a frequent occurrence with gold memberships and xbl points.

gamingdroid3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

***No, they have a right to sell a product, not parts of the product they deem acceptable.***

Of course you can sell parts of it, as long as it isn't marked as not for resale or prevented by the manufacturer.

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SantistaUSA3379d ago

@danielle007 so you are saying that GS has the right to open games and then sell them as NEW? If they tell to the customers, hey we open this game but it is new, then ok, but they don't!!! And lot of times that game was actually used as demos etc.
Do you pay full price for anything that is an open box? Highly doubt it!

DeadlyFire3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

A business refusing sales because they have a concept cloud based service that has never been debuted to the public. Aimed at PS3 and Xbox 360 first instead of PC market. PC service will be added later though.

Still a whole year or two out before their service ever catches anyones eye.

A business that refuses sales is not a business. Its a dictatorship. STEAM is same way. So will ORIGIN. I hope to one day jump into this sales ring and operate a smart business or buyout Gamestop and turn it into a respectable gaming store. A PC section anyone? WTF did they put it? My local gamestops don't have it.

I shop for my new games. Sure their system isn't perfect when labeling pre-ordered games. Says out of stock instead of not out yet, but at least I can find PC games.

ScytheX33379d ago

gamestop is becoming the capcom of game selling just out for their own interest and all about money making aswell employing ppl that are almost always rude as fuck and bunch of lying cunts.

Megaton3379d ago

"Becoming"? More like "has been for years".

vikingland13379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

If you live in a small town like I do there is really no choice , gamestop or the internet.I do shop the internet but I also like to look and touch the games before buying. I bought Deus Ex at GS.

joab7773379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Its true that they have their feet on the necks of small towns and areas that don't hav another choice. I have been a loyal customer for years and I like talking to their emplyess etc but now I buy strictly for pre orders. I had to change Gamestop stores because one would frequently forget the pre order codes. 2x I never got them. I have shopped online alot for games I didn't buy day 1 but the fact remains for me that I like games day 1 & they have great PO bonuses.

I can see it from their point of view. I believe though that they could have handled it differently. They had to have know about the problem atleast 1 or 2 days prior and could have contacted those that bought it and explained the situation asking them if they still would want to purchase it despite not getting onlive code. I would have. Open it in front of the customer and remove it and explain to them the reason why. Part of the knock against them is for being dishonest. Honesty goes along way and many may have been fine w it.

solidsnake2223379d ago

If you live in a small town like me, you don't even have a GameStop. Or a Walmart, or a grocery store, hell, the gas station is even closed.

Point of this ramble: Amazon has some great, speedy shipping for just a little bit more cash.

Awesome-Xanto3379d ago

Is it right for GS to do that? No.

Are a lot of people complaining about something they would most likely never use? Yes.

GS is not all at fault here, SQUARE ENIX should have informed GS that they were including a code for a competitor and then GS would have been able to make a decision regarding selling the game. Still doesn't make what they did right, but we shouldn't put all the blame on them either.

NLGSean3379d ago

How are they not at fault? They took brand new games and took items out of the box.

And competition my ass. As of today GameStop is not offering a cloud service... Onlive has been around over a year.

Gamestop IS at fault and they are the only ones to blame.

Jack_DangerousIy3379d ago

He didn't say they weren't at fault. He said "GS is not all at fault here".

I'll let that sink in for a minute.... *whistles a tune*....
......... caught up now? Not only did he not say what you are insinuating he did, but, he ACTUALLY says that he doesn't think that Gamestop's actions are right.

No need to thank me. ;)

I have no opinion of this situation, as I'm ignorant to the workings of PC gaming.

Just thought I'd help you read a little bit.

Awesome-Xanto3379d ago


Thanks. :)


As stated I never said they were not at fault, I said they are not the ONLY one at fault. As a consumer I understand why people are mad, but at the same time as a business I can see why GS would not want to advertise a another competitor through items they sell. Would you expect Walmart to sell items advertising Target? Square Enix should have notified retailers that they had a deal with OnLive and that that deal would have OnLive codes being distributed through competing retailers.

And it is absurd to think that OnLive is not competition to GS who sells both Physical and Digital items. A person who is streaming games is less likely to buy a physical or digital game from GS even if streaming is less quality. OnLive is a glorified rental service trying to compete with established brands and physical/ digital games.

GS should have handled things differently, but SE should have notified GS of what was being included with that game, which would have kept GS from resorting to taking out the codes because GS would have probably never sold the PC version which I can't imagine SE not knowing that would happen if retailers knew about the codes beforehand.

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