Valve Says From Dust DRM Will Be Removed With A Patch

Gaming Blend "Ubisoft's decision to include the very intrusive DRM into From Dust after they said they wouldn't created a major backlash in the gaming community, so much so that Valve has allowed gamers to get refunds and they say the DRM will be removed via a patch."

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ATi_Elite2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

IS this game any good? has anybody played it yet and what do you think of it?

Pandamobile2608d ago

It's decent once you get used to the weird mouse controls and 30 FPS framerate cap.

mobijoker2608d ago

Man! its a waste of money.....locked at 30 fps,mouse control is utter rubbish and graphics is poor even for a console port.

ATi_Elite2607d ago


the game really didn't peak my interest and many reviews said it was trash! I just wanted a Gamers review and i will stay away from it no matter how low the price goes!

Dagobert2608d ago

Bullshit Valve, I asked for a refund and they refused to give me a refund the day after I bought it. They don't even respong soon enough through email, I have to wait days till someone replies to me giving some half-assed answer.

TheIneffableBob2608d ago

You should've known that Valve does not give refunds on games that have already been released.

It's very rare that they make exceptions.

zinki332608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

It is called Skidrow offline fix,..

When publishers stop forcing us into their social control grids, and online networks.. Maybe they will sell some fucking games on PC also,..

How is the game bdw,.. I wast told the controls are totally sucky,..