The $70 Game: Are You Already Buying It?

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Recently, Jeremiah Hisel wrote an article about next generation's games having a price hike to $70. Ryan Johnson adds his two cents (or ten dollars) to the mix, stating how many are already paying that much or more for today's top hits...

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RyanDJ2638d ago

Following every rule I can find on N4G: it will NOT let me add a picture. When a picture is included, it diverts me to the main page. If any admin can help me with this issue, it would be appreciated.

jeseth2638d ago

I would become an Amazon only game buyer (thinking about becoming one now) and would just buy games based on their sales and promotions.

$60 is sketchy unless you know what you're getting. Rolling the dice on a new IP or potentially good sequel to a mediocre predecessor is bad enough. . .at $70 its becoming not worth it.

Tanir2638d ago

if they dont want used sales to increase they better not do this lol

f7897902638d ago

Ok I'm bubbling you down for replying to the first comment so you can be near the top. If what you want to say isn't a response, don't reply!

nycredude2638d ago

There are some games i would buy for $70 but most hell no!

marioPSUC2638d ago

When I first saw that the $60 price tag for games of this generation I was surprised and kind of mad.
I still hate paying for $60 games that sometimes can be crap or really good. Another thing I hate, is when I buy a $60 game, only to have it drop by like $20 in a matter of a few weeks.
I really don't think increasing the price for next gen games would be a smart thing to do, not in this economy right now. $10 increase may not be alot but it certainly adds up even now if you buy 2 $60 games you're paying $120+tax.

There'd be a huge decrease in game sales, or atleast till the games price drops a bit. And collector editions would have to add some than some of them have now, not all that ingame item stuff, if I buy a special edition or collectors edition, I'd want something that I can actually touch

Miiikeyyy2638d ago

I don't buy full priced games, The pricing really put me off. Battlefield 3 and Dead Island might be an exception though. I just bought two games today for 15 pounds, Why would I wanna pay double/triple that for just 1 game.

kreate2637d ago

and soon ... games will cost more than consoles .....

RyanDJ2637d ago

How much was the Neo Geo? Didn't it have $200 games? And OnLive and other streaming servers may go there...

kreate2637d ago

im not sure if i existed back in those days.

zeal0us2638d ago

I would just wait till the price decrease and go find it on ebay or some game site and buy it then.

RyanDJ2638d ago

It becomes the used "illegal copy" battle then. but perhaps that'd make the makers reconsider hiking prices, eventually there'd be no used copies because nobody would buy it new to sell it back in the first place!

kreate2637d ago

i think ppl will buy and sell becuz it is expensive.
if the game is cheap. ppl will buy and keep becuz the resell value is low.
used market will still flourish.

notimetobeidle2638d ago

I've been way more frugal about games this generation but we have to understand that inflation pushes price up in every sector.

The vending machines at my university increased their prices from $1 to $1.10. Now I have to remember a dime along with four quarters when I want to get a soda.

We can keep afloat as long as salaries grow with the trend. Mine hasn't grown enough, though..

lMHl2638d ago

australians pay 100 dollars for games and our dollar is worth the same as the US....I mean WTF!

RyanDJ2638d ago

Woow....what do your consoles run? Same as here, or are they jacked too?

KingPin2638d ago

lmao dude. that made me laugh.

but seriously, 100 aus dollars for a game is ridiculous....unless its making you get 3D with a tube tv. then i think you sorted.

lMHl2637d ago

I think for the new xbox its like 400 or 500 get this last year games were 110 when they came out I bought halo 3 for 110

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