PAX 2011: Square Enix Lineup Missing Something

VelocityGamer writes: Hot on the heels of the critical success of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Square Enix is primed to have a full booth at PAX. But 2 games are suspiciously absent.

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Agent_hitman2612d ago

Missing?.. Versus13 I suppose

Forbidden_Darkness2612d ago

Tomb Raider and FFvs13 are coming out late next year (at the earliest), so SE is focusing on games coming out in the near future... Obviously.

Stealth2k2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

tgs is all that matters in terms of what square enix can do. Even there rumored line up featuring dragon quest X is incredible.........

And theres more rumored games such as 4 warriors of light 2, and things we dont even know about headed to tgs

Skateboard2612d ago

Tomb Raider.........yum.

Burning_Finger2612d ago

I don't Final Fantasy VII on that list.

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