Of Questionable Morality: Gamestop's "New Game" Policy

VGW: GameStop made the conscious decision to interject their agenda into an agreement made by OnLive and Square Enix. If they didn’t want to sell the complete package to their customers, they had two ethical options: a) remove the coupon, inform the customer of the discrepancy, and possibly sell it at a lower price, or b) ship the games back to Square Enix and tell them they refuse to sell the title with a coupon from a future competitor.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx3379d ago

Wow what a ripoff. I would go back to gamestop and demand my money back and buy the game elsewhere.

MostJadedGamer3379d ago

I am embarrassed to admit I am a loyal Gamestop customer, but they deserved to be sued for stuff like this.

So even though Gamestop is basically the only place I buy games I would like to see them humbled some.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3379d ago

I buy their now and then but i usually just get from amazon since they have better deals and i don't mind waiting.

BattleTorn3379d ago

I agree, I'm ebmarrassed to be a loyal Gamstop customer as well.
In fact, I bought a new game just the other day, it was opened and I didn't even think about it.

I will definitly be mentioning this the next time in the store.

guitarded773379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Amazon kicks the s#!t out of Gamestop. The prices are better, no tax where I live, I'm a student so I get free Prime, which gives me free release day delivery on pre-orders and free 2 day shipping on in stock items. Not to mention they give pre-order incentives like $10 and $20 off your next purchase, and the credits stack. I have not bought anything from Gamestop in a couple years and have no intention of ever going back... I will say that the guys and gals that work at the Gamestop in my area are very nice, but it's not the people that pisses me off, it's the policy. I went in to buy a new copy of a game they had on sale one time and they only had an "open" copy... I said that's BS and have never been back. I fell for it a couple times, but if I buy something new, I want it sealed and "new".

iamnsuperman3379d ago

This is actually quite bad. I understand taking the game and manual out of the box to stop people stealing them but for them to be played is outrageous and the thing about removing the onlive is awful.

xtheownerzx3379d ago

I never buy anything at Gamestop and this is more reason not to. Shady business practices smh

WhiteLightning3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

Wow....that's really not fair, does this apply to the UK Gamestop aswell (if they have stores anyway)

I don't really gamestop that much, I bought the Uncharted 3 Explorer edition from Gamestop UK and they took my money out straight away, does this happen to the American gamestop aswell with all their purchases ?

Ulf3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

This action basically serves only one purpose -- it damages the potential revenue stream of OnLive, by not giving consumers this "sample" to entice them.

Without the ability to advertise themselves, OnLive may cease being competition to GameStop... or at least that's GameStop's hope.

Say... isn't that against the anti-competitive practice laws, in the US? It sure was when MS was accused of it...

GameStop also refuses to sell games which are sold digitally via Steam, again, because they desire to dissuade companies from working with their competitors, thus wounding their competition through anti-competitive practices, as opposed to competitive pricing and services. Kinda sounds like the US government (since GameStop is a US company) needs to step in...

BattleTorn3379d ago

Well Gamestop doesn't refuse to sell all games availible on Stream, obviously (maybe some PC exclusives Im not aware of).

I doubt the US gov't would step in over anti-competitive practices.
They will however get slammed by one of the companies they are screwing with.
They have no business interferring with a deal between OnLive and Sqaure Enix.
And the beside the class-action that the customers could create.

Could you imagine if they had done this with EA and their free online copy of Mass Effect 2?
(*might of been with Dragon Age2)

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