New Final Fantasy Type-0 scans

Check out a bunch of new scans of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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Michael-Jackson2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I want a Vita version with analog controls. I will skip the PSP version if they announce it.

DarkBlood2612d ago

at this point i agree a vita version is needed otherwise this might be my only psp download game i buy for the vita while in the vita lifespan will not buy anymore for my psp

CrescentFang2612d ago

Well with no announcements in any other region than Japan, I think this game has a high likely hood of being ported/rereleased on another console or handheld. Especially with cutscenes being rendered with it's own graphic engine or whatnot (sorry not sure if I used the right term). The only other 2 UMD game I know of is the Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC (Trails in the Sky in other regions)
Though it might be the situation where other regions who get it late gets extra stuff and then Japan gets that version AND more stuff than everyone else lol