DmC Devil May Cry - 17 minute developer video

Developers behind DmC Devil May Cry show the latest trailer and talk about the new game in this 17 minute video (live-stream capture).

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chidori6662612d ago

get over with Crapcom, you will never make another DMC game as good as the first one. I hope this new crap get as bad as DMC2 and receive some awful ratings..

WhiteLightning2612d ago

You know what I say we do....for once let's stick to our guns and don't buy it.

Don't like it.....pretend it never exsisted

But you'll get the bunch who will go "Well I suppose buying to give it a go won't hurt".......WRONG because your just going to to give Capcom a hint that it's been well received and they'll start work on a sequel.

Jack_DangerousIy2612d ago

I feel you man. I've said this elsewhere. But if it gets relatively good reviews I'll buy it because I AM a sucker for DMC. (except for 4)

But IF that happens(good reviews I mean) I will buy it used so they don't get a penny.

Chitown712912612d ago

I just got the urge to punch Ninja Theory really hard in the face.......................... ............*thinks to self* ....huh..................awkwa rd. o.O ......................and Why the f*ck does Dante look like Rihanna post Chris Brown beating?

Chitown712912612d ago

I just got the urge to punch Ninja Theory really hard in the face.......................... ............*thinks to self* ....huh..................awkwa rd. o.O ......................and why the f*ck does Dante look like Rihanna post-Chris Brown beating?

crxss2612d ago


i think you meant as good as DMC3 :D best in the series imo

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VileAndVicious2612d ago


Just curious....
What would you do if this new game actually got very good review scores? Say 9s and 8s?

MrSpace2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Right we get it...

Your trying to play the middle ground as we've seenw ith your comments and the comments on the last dmc article, but get with the program most of us are loyal fans of DMC and this game is an insult to the DMC we used to know and love. So if you want to play the goodie twoshoe role go ahead but just remember we don't need to actualy play the game to say this is bad. Like what WL has said above if people buy it to try it then were just giving Capcom a happy sale.....we don't want that, and the same can be said for RE:Operation Raccon City.

Some games you just have to put your foot down and say "F*ck this, I'm not buying this crap it's time to show the developer that they can't keep doing this"

just_sayin2612d ago

Good reviews didn't help Enslaved did it.

VileAndVicious2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

@just sayin

Enslaved didnt get any good reviews that I can recall. It was mediocre at best.

@Mr Space
I hear you. I honestly dont care too much for many of the changes that Capcom or NT (or whoever) have decided to add in this game. So believe me when I say I get it.

But I "AM" open to trying new things if they are worth my time. Which I dont believe Im able to call right now because Ive only seen 1:05 worth of gameplay and I dont understand how anyone else can either.

But, if it does completely suck then no love lost I wont bother with it.

UltimateIdiot9112612d ago

Look what happen when they talk shit about the PS3 and downplay Heavenly Sword sales.

So many PS3 owners just simply ignored Enslaved. The price of that game fell faster than any games I have ever seen. How does a game fall down to ~$20 in or so time even with mediocre reviews?

I hope this game will bomb just as bad as Enslaved. This team still have yet to learn some humility.

just_sayin2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You need look again that game has 8/9 review scores. just search for enslaved on this site and see for yourself.

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A7XEric2612d ago

Why would you hope this game is bad? Just so that you can say all of your ignorant early judgements on the game were right?

I'd rather be proven wrong and have a great, fresh, DMC experience.

mac_sparrow2611d ago

me too, but if it doesn't look like dmc, sound like dmc or play like dmc then it's not, in actual fact, dmc.

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Cpt_kitten2612d ago

"whats new and good about the game?"

the correct answer is nothing is good about the game and the only thing new is how we single handed destroyed game/game char.

LarVanian2612d ago

I honestly can't remember a video-game that has gotten so much hate and backlash as DmC. Could anyone name one for me?

VileAndVicious2612d ago

Final Fantasy 13

The difference was people actually played it before they bashed though.

user83971442612d ago

Haze and Lair. By God them xbox fanboys had a pic knit with them.

Skateboard2612d ago

Tameen: "I'll use my soft British voice to convince you to buy this slow version of DMC, ain't i a dashing man you have to purchase my game".

2612d ago
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