Hell F*****g yeah, Escape From City 17 Part Two Has Just Been Released

DSOGaming writes: "So you thought that Portal short film looked great? Well get ready for the second episode of Escape From City 17, a short film that is based on Half-Life 2. And let me tell you that it is simply amazing. The first part of Escape From City 17 was well polished so we were expecting great things from this second part. And oh no, we weren't disappointed. This short film lasts almost 14 minutes so make sure to check it out."

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Kran2671d ago

HOLY F**K. One year later too. It's almost as if Valve has released Episode 3/HL3.

ATi_Elite2670d ago

Easily the best movie i have seen all summer!

I feel like i should of paid $10 bucks for this!

I wish Gabe Newell would put up a $1 million dollars of his pocket change to help these guys make a full length feature film!!!

Kran2670d ago

But it proves the $1 million dollars isnt needed if they can do this with just $250.

Hollywood directors: YOU SPEND TOO MUCH!

BubbleSniper2670d ago

but 1 million could help create something far greater if they can do this for next to nothing...

ATi_Elite2670d ago

Not really!

After being able to see the making of The Avengers and Batman The Dark Knight Rises live, the cash is well spent if the movie is good.

These two movies literally have closed down whole zip codes in their filming cities and have hired 1000's of people locally.

Now if they spend $200 million and it sucks then yeh your right but most $200 million dollar movies Kick ass!

The Bat VTOL is pretty spooky looking!

StayStatic2671d ago

That was nothing short of amazing =D , would love to see an escape from city 17 mod or something in future :)

Wardog13682671d ago

Wow, that was awesome. It's really nice to see such awesome things from indie film makers.