OPINION: The Troubles of PlayStation 3

As SCEA's new publicity supremo settles down to work today, he faces a very different set of challenges to those of his predecessors.

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PS3 Ultimate5873d ago

Not a bad read DC rider. But I still have faith in Sony. Sony will be successful and in the end, Sony will reign once again at #1 and on and on.

Monchichi0255873d ago

It sucks!!! Ever since it was announced it has had nothing bad bad karma behind it! I too was once one of the blind fanboys who feel for all of Sonys lies with the PS2. Oh it was so powerful the Government wanted it, it was gonna have online play, it was gonna last 10 years!!! All Rubbish!! And after my 3rd PS2 stopped working I finally became smart and bought myself a X-box 360!! I cannot tell you how much better this system is and how much more support I feel from MicroSoft.

THAMMER15873d ago

If Sony was to remove the BR drive and offer the PS3 at $250.00 would that make the fan boys happy. If you want you can respond I want to know.

lalaland5873d ago

I am for one more interested in the PS3 with BR, than without it. I like to keep my livingroom clean and without too much clutter. So I'm looking for all-in-one wondermachines.

I love watching 1080i movies on cable on my big flatscreen (eventhough it only has a resolution between 720p and 1080i I still prefer 1080i by far -- so much sharper, so much more fidelity) so a BR-player is an obvious choice.

Eventhough I might consider the PS3 at that price, if they did skip the BR-drive, I would probably not buy it... I have a X360 already...


im not even buying the ps3 for the BR, i like the products sony releases, everybody talks about there breaking ps2s and stopping after the 3rd one, well i have never had a ps2 in my house break except when it fell off my dressor, then i just bought the slim line for 150. and now ive had that since its release