IGN - The Bad-Ass Weaponry of White Knight Chronicles II

IGN Staff writes: White Knight Chronicles II has many exciting new equipment options for you to destroy enemies with. There are over 400 new weapons added to the already extensive list of items from the first game, and many of the weapons have a totally unique look.

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rebirthofcaos2637d ago

so close to get it day one.

MaideninBlack2637d ago

IGN seems to be unusually positive about WKC II. What gives?

FamilyGuy2637d ago

This article was typed up in like 10mins, completely useless. Why are they explaining weapon classes to us in an article titled "The Bad-Ass Weaponry of White Knight Chronicles II" yet only displaying one weapon for each class? There are TONS of great looking weapons in this game, why not show more?

2637d ago
shadowraiden2637d ago

lmao the pic aint white knight chronicles 2 its from RF online