Mass Effect fans, meet Mass Effect: Dark Corners of the Galaxy

DSOGaming writes: "Have you ever wondered how Mass Effect would look like if it was a 2D platform fighting game? No? Well, it doesn’t matter as ”mtrain” is developing a mod for OpenBOR that is based on Mass Effect’s universe and its first version is available right now via Lavalit. Be warned though that it is an alpha version and it has some issues with the hit detection."

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Tony P2610d ago


So let's see who shows up to the party:

cool BioWare with praise or dick BioWare with lawyers... hmmm.

Tr10wn2609d ago

That would be dick EA with lawyers.

Tony P2609d ago

Meh. BioWare are old enough to take their lumps for their own bad decisions.

Even if the only one was signing with EA in the first place. They are not blameless innocents laboring under some cruel taskmaster.

But that's way off topic.

No_Pantaloons2609d ago

Very cool. Too bad companies don't make beat'em up games anymore. I wouldn't say ME is a great IP for that type anyways, but he did a wonderful job on it. Fans really show their love, so I always wish them the best. Sadly I am positive the cease and desist letters are on their way, dl it while you can.