NHL 12 Hands-On Preview | The Controller Online

The Controller Online previews NHL12 after some hands-on time with the demo:

"The demo for NHL 12 was released yesterday, and it allows you to demo the “Play now” mode where you can choose between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks to battle out the third period. “Be a pro – Revamped” earn your next shift, the big new feature is you can skip to your next shift instead of waiting. “Hockey Ultimate Team” the largest online dynasty, you can earn HUT cards to help better your team."

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Robotronfiend2637d ago

The more I read about NHL 12, the more excited I am for release day. Even in the short demo I was also able to see a big difference in puck physics and teammate AI. If I'm about to intercept an opponent's pass behind my blue line, my wingers immediately start breaking up ice. Players cycling around the zone is much improved.

Also there seems to be greatly improved AI in the neutral zone on both offense and defense. The anticipation feature not only improves AI play, but it really helps the immersion as well.

peteonline2637d ago

Winning a fight with your goalie is terribly satisfying.

gameguidedog2637d ago

It's pretty intense when your players can fight eachother. :)