Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 Update & Manual Release

DSOGaming writes: "Project Reality: ARMA 2 (aka PR:ARMA2) will be a free to download game modification for the ARMA 2 retail Windows PC game. The main aim for PR:ARMA2 is to create a realistic and immersive modification for ARMA 2, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through game play. The mod is developed by Reality Studios, who revealed today some new information about it."

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Solid_Snake-2609d ago

sounds wicked but im not a master when it comes to adding mods to games. wish i was as i wouldnt mind this and the GTA4 mods.

john22609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

yeah, it's remarkable what the modding community can accomplish. Thankfully, ArmA 3 will also be friendly to mods :D

Hufandpuf2609d ago

Adding mods is easy and modders usually tell you how to install them.

ATi_Elite2609d ago

Got Dam put some AA on that Shite! lol

Don't have a clue as to what the writer was talking about cause Arma2 requires 110% Teamwork!

I'm currently playing ArmaII Operation Arrowhead with a High texture Pak and several other mods but will check out the Project Reality mod when it becomes available and stable. Project Reality in BF2 was pretty cool.

Arma2 is the real deal and can't wait for Arma3!!!