Why I Am Done Paying 60 Bucks For Video Games And You Should Be Too

Joel Taveras writes, "Walk into any video game store around the world and you’ll see it. It’s stares you right in the face as you walk up and down the store’s aisles or browse it’s 8 foot tall walls of shelves. It’s the game that you paid 60 bucks for looking back at you — mocking you even — while wearing a sticker on it displaying one third of the price you paid. We’ve all been there before. It’s for that very reason that I am done shelling out 60 of my hard earned dollars for games and why you should too."

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gravemaker2638d ago

i always thought that 60 dollars for game is too much and i think that games can gather more money if they reduce their prise to 20-30 dollars
but who gonna listen to anyone? games soon will be 70 or 80 and no one will say a word to developers or publishers

JoelT2638d ago

It really isn't up to the devs at all. They pretty give up creative control as to how the game is treated by the publisher in terms of marketing and pricing.

Substance1012638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

We know console gaming can be expensive, they make you buy the hardware at a loss then rape you with the software.

Its a simple formula the console makers are using, make them buy hardware cheap (which they would only buy once), then rip off on the game prices (which is what they will be buying multiple times). MS even goes as far as charging to go online, rediculous accessory prices, no mods(so the life of games cant be extended, have to go out buy those new maps etc).

Get a 600usd PC then be rid of paying more on every game.

Infact i personlly do most of my shopping on Steam discounts most AAA games after 1-2 months of release are selling between 15-25usd. Just cant beat those sort of prices. 3-4 months after release the same games are down to 10-15usd. I currently have such a large back log of games due to Steams crazy pricing that i really dont need to buy games at launch. I currently always buy few weeks after launch and pay half the price i would have payed on console.


Calling it first $80 games next gen.


LOL I have not paid $60 for a video game since GTA4 and regret it.

I am not sure why the urge to play a game just as it comes out - I wait until the game hits $30 or wait until I see it in my local classifieds for dirty cheap and buy it.

I still have a backlog of games that I have not played yet that have been released over a year ago.

Godmars2902638d ago

Counting DLC we already have $80+ games.

raWfodog2638d ago

It's simple capitalism and market demand at work here. The reason games come out at $50-$60 is because enough people buy them at those initial prices to justify it to the publishers and retailers. Once the demand starts to drop, we start seeing the prices drop little by little until eventually you can find a brand new copy of the game for $19.99 on Amazon or somewhere.

We consumers have the power to move the market so we have no one to blame but ourselves for high prices.

gamingdroid2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )


I haven't paid full price for a game since Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Collector's Edition) at GameStop, which is the only place that sold it.

Even when I purchase games day-1, there are always incentives like gift cards and etc, to make the games overall cost less.

That said, moving forward there are about 2-games I will buy as a recent release, everything else will have to wait until it hits the bargain bin especially the ones with online pass if I even buy them!

ReservoirDog3162638d ago

Yeah this struck me just the other day actually. That's why, besides a few games that I wanna have day 1, I'm staying away from $60 games for awhile.

For the past 3 months I've been playing old budget titles (the darkness is very* flawed but very good) and using gamefly (it's literally the best deal ever, if a friend refers you, you can get 3 months of gamefly for $17! I've saved nearly $190 in 3 months! ask about it if you're interested) and I'm just gonna ignore most $60 games for the rest of the year.

Money's tight and all that helps.

Lekumkee2638d ago

Did you game back in the SNES/Genesis days? Cause I remember begging my parents for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 which were $89.99 brand new, Donkey Kong Country was $69.99 brand new when it came out. There's many internet boards that discuss how expensive gaming was back in the day.

It wasn't till Sony's PS1 where game prices started evening out to around $49.99. It's only this gen that the prices got to $59.99 which is still pretty fair. Though I agree not all but the best games should cost $59.99, every other game should coast $20-50

theEx1Le2638d ago

Who would judge what the best games are though? Every publisher in the world is going to push their game as the next best game so it sells, so that wouldn't make any difference. No one person can judge what the best games are and if you were to leave it in the hands of the gaming media to decide, so many games would be instantly discarded because their opinion may differ from others.

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WolfLeBlack2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Considering the cost that it takes to actually produce a game, I don't mind paying forty quid for game.

However, my view will change if they wipe out the pre-owned market, thereby forcing people to buy at full price.

Istanbull2638d ago

Games have always been 60 bucks, if you can't afford it get a new hobby. I'm guessing this idiot is new to gaming and plays 99 cent games like Angry Birds or Farmville on Facebook? These casual gamers have no right to speak about the price we pay for our games.

WolfLeBlack2638d ago

I won't knock his his opinion. Gaming is an expensive hobby, and there is a good chance that if they dropped the price their overall sales would increase.

But right now, right here, I don't mind paying the money as long as I enjoy the game :)

christheredhead2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

when they raise the price of games to 100 a piece ill make sure to remind you to get a new hobby.

its not about being able to afford it or not. you have games that come out at 60 with a 4 to 6 hour playthrough. if you wanna buy those types of games cool, but generally speaking the price tag is to high. just because thats what the publisher wants doesnt mean we should buy or have to buy them day 1 for that much.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2638d ago

I'm not sure you fully appreciate the feeling of dishing out $60 of hard earned money and considering the demographic that play games-we aint the richest or stable when it comes to our incomes.

danielle0072638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I disagree. I've bought games day 1 at $60, and a week or two later they're down to $39.99 for a sale, and within 2 months they're officially price dropped. Only the AAA games maintain the high price for any amount of time anymore, and I'm finding it silly to not just be a little patient. I like saving $$, and I don't think I should have to find a new hobby because of that.

BuffMordecai2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Only a fool like yourself pays full price for a game, especially when that same game's price drops in half soon afterwards.

jetlian2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

movies cost 50 to 500 million to make and sell for 15-30 dollars A game cost 10 to 50 million to make and cost 60 dollars!

You pay twice as much for less than any amount for a movie

then they have costly DLC and a year later all the DLC plus the game for 60.

Then you have companies like Capcom where they make your version worthless 9 months later

EDIT: Gaming should be easier to make now than it ever was before! I know in the late 80s we paid 50. Difference was one you needed carts which are actual computer chips. You also had to make everything by hand.

You didn't have 3d which you could manipulate anyway way you wanted. Now most games are running simulated progams that do most of the work. In the old days animating ment doing every cel bt hand

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AngelicIceDiamond2638d ago

I'll buy a 60 dollar game if its worth it. But when it comes to DLC I would love for publishers to give better deals on them like. Pre-order this edition of the game and you'll have a dicount on future DLC. Maybe 20% discount on future DLC. Sure you would have to pay extra but it would be worth it.

matgrowcott2638d ago

I'll never buy a game full price unless I want to be amongst the first people to play it. Something like Uncharted 3 could be spoilt so easily by checking the wrong website or watching the wrong video, I'll happily pay a premium not to have a game ruined for me.

Abriael2638d ago

Surprise surprise, I disagree :D

There are plenty games out there that are worth 60 bucks, especially in comparison to other forms of entertainment. Compare it with a dinner out, an outing to the movies, a concert or similar venues of entertainment.

A game that offers me 20 hours of fun beats them all in convenience.

On the other hand I don't think 60 bucks should ALWAYS be the price. Price should be proportional to the resources spent on the game.

But yeah, for most AAA games (that involve an AAA investment), the margins of profit aren't as great as many think with a 60 bucks pricetag.

Everyone would love to spend less on gaming, but a reality check is in order :D

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