PSVita - 16/32GB HDD Is Too Small

Gadgehit writes: "Sony still haven’t announced the hard drive specs for the PSVita yet, and it is possibly due to the fact that they haven’t secured a deal with flash manufacturers for the best price, or they aren’t going to offer a large enough amount for gamers’ needs."

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SoulMisaki2637d ago

The games start at 2GB, and go up to 4GB. They've also stated that they might increase it later in the life of the PSVita. DLC and save data for games is also all saved on the game cards, meaning it won't depend on the HDD too much.

I'm thinking a 32GB hard drive will be plenty, and I'd be surprised if they included more. It's already an amazing deal, so even if it needs a memory stick like the psp, I won't be too pissed.

Misterhbk2637d ago

YEah I'll be more than satisfied if we get a 16 or 32GB HDD. Honestly I wasn't expecting one at all, assuming that we'd have to buy the new memory cards.

The fact that, just like you said, the games have spaced specifically for DLC and game saves helps out a lot means that the only thing that will go on the HDD are downloaded games themselves. If they come in at 2GB or 4GB then year, 32GB would be more then enough. You need more? buy a memory stick.

Biggest2637d ago

The author says "I have no information, so I'm just going to make shit up and proceed to condemn the information I made up." How do people like this take themselves seriously?

NewMonday2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Flash, not HDD

Physically released games will be on 2g-4g cards.

PSV data storage cards are separate, and will be 16g-32g

darthv722637d ago

that is why there is the memory card slot. Is it the sony MSPD or is it SD card? I would think that it being sony, they will use their own MSPD or the smaller M2 (which i have inside my GO).

Either way, it is user upgradable and should satisfy for quite some time.

ABizzel12637d ago

It's a big deal for people who go digital only, and from my experience I prefer digital only (my PSP Go), but sometimes I do wish I had the choice. So I can see some people filling it up quickly (my 16GB PSP Go is about about 500MB away), but for most 32GB should be enough.

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--Onilink--2637d ago

well if they want to push into the digital market, 32 definetely wont be enough, take into account that whatever amount they announce you will have to substract quite a few gigs for OS and other stuff, just like any other system. Then add PSN titles and possible retail titles going digital, and 16 or 32GB would be nowhere near enough, hell 160GB on my PS3 is not enough.

Sadly due to costs i dont really expect them to get that much flash memory on the system and we will probably have to spend more $$ on some cards

SonyNGP2637d ago

IIRC, the Vita doesn't have a built-in HDD. Maybe in future iterations.

Cogan12637d ago

Dont know why you got a disagree here, pretty sure it was announced the Vita had no internal HDD.

PCE2637d ago

It would help if the Vita uses a hard drive. It allows for storage of an entire library of downloadable PSP titles, music, videos, whatever. Flash memory costs more per GB, but it can also be more reliable.

MaxXAttaxX2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Well you could already save music, videos and even save and install PSP games to a memory stick on the PSP.

I don't see why it wouldn't be possible on the PS Vita as well, using these:

kneon2637d ago

Flash also consumes far less battery, so a hard drive is unlikely to be used.

Shikoro2636d ago

It seems to me that people don't know the difference between a HDD (Hard disc drive) and flash memory (EEPROM). Where do people suppose that the HDD will be placed? Packed in the SKU and connected via USB? This boggles my mind. :/

THC CELL2637d ago

Why are people worried about the hdd, Sony state that they can store patches and updates on the new memory cartage

gaffyh2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Because Sony are pushing the fact that all games are going to be downloadable.

It HAS to have built in memory because they are pushing the whole full games on the store... Which means it needs to have a hdd or flash memory of some sort day one.

I think after six months I would top a 32gb card easily. And you know if Kojima can push for a bigger cartridge then he will!

You guys are only thinking about people who buy hard copies, which is fair enough if that is what you plan to do, but I want to download them all, and don't want use media go like I do for my pspgo and take stuff on and off each time I run low on the 8gb.

MaxXAttaxX2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I don't want to speak for everyone, but it seems most people like physical copies. I myself like to have a collection of games.

But sure, you can download games just as well. And that's where these come into play:
You can upgrade and use as many as you want.

gaffyh2637d ago

Yeah, for console I prefer physical copies, but the convenience of the PSPgo was the reason I bought it. It's truly portable when you don't have to carry around all your games. Those cards M2 cards? if so, I guess there is some hope to upgrading the memory cheaply.

Beetey2637d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony has confirmed that it will not have a built in HDD.

JBSleek2637d ago

This article is full of complete fail...

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