Windows Vista pricing unveiled

MS reveals the dollar price of its new OS, calling it a 'major step' towards Nov release

Windows Vista is coming, oh yes it is, offering gamers the delights of DirectX 10, improved loading times and a whole bunch more - further details of which we'll be revealing shortly following our sit down with some of the head honchos behind the OS's games thrust at the recent Leipzig Games Convention.

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The_Firestarter5861d ago

When is Vista coming out!?!? The article read that it was coming out in Nov! Is this correct? I thought it was in Jan '07! SOMEBODY SHED SOME LIGHT FOR ME PLEASE!

Marriot VP5861d ago


"garble garble transmission lost"

The_Firestarter5861d ago

Are you refering to MS and their delay after delay of vista?

xXbebofisherXx5861d ago

i know. but dell computers when you buy them in November will come with vista not just vista ready. but retail for actually buying the OS should be 2007. thats what microsoft said. dells will come with vista loaded in november and be able to be bought at retail stores in 2007. we'll just see how that plays out i guess.