Xbox Live to be free in September

Microsoft are making Xbox Live FREE between 20th September and 29th September.

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Captain Tuttle5865d ago

Microsoft gives. They should give away 3 months free to anyone in Europe who buys a 360 from Nov 17 to the PS3's launch date. Kick Sony while they're down.

beans5865d ago

I couldn't agree more!

FeralPhoenix5865d ago

OK, M$ I can only stand so much butt kissing...thats enough already....really I'm not joking, I promise I'll buy GOW, but not because I want to play it, but just because Im such a nice guy.....yeah, yeah your welcome, now just leave me alone and go make some more [email protected]$$ games. (handshake) Later bro.

zonetrooper55865d ago

hopefully lots of people try this offer out, i would like to see a hella of lot more gamers on the xbox live commuity, even though we got around 2 million already on the xbox 360.

ASSASSYN 36o5865d ago


ASSASSYN 36o4623d ago

Tech Specialist: Legion or Tali
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My Squad: Miranda and Mordin (their warp, incinerate, and overload powers come in *really* handy against any tough enemies with barriers, armor, or shields)

Sent back to ship: Grunt (tough guy protects the weakest)
Biotic Specialist: Samara or Jack
Fire Squad Leader: Garrus or Jacob
My Squad: Miranda and Mordin

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