Want to build a new PC for Battlefield 3? Start here

EA’s Battlefield 3 will soon be upon us, and there is no question that the PC version of the game will be the definitive one. Icrontic provides three PC builds: $600, $800, and $1000, which will get you back into this amazing game.

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reynod2702d ago

I would disagree with the 600usd build as the GPU is too weak.

Tomshardware instead has a 500usd build which is better overall:

Motorola2702d ago

Actually no, the 600 Dollar GPU is fine. The 6770 can run the game good, not max but good. And for the tomsshardware build you have to add 100$ for Windows. This site has Windows added already.

reynod2702d ago

Any gaming build should invest more on the GPU, its a mistake people typcally make. They go overboard on the CPU etc ignoring the GPU then complain why the system wont perform.

I personally feel 6770 is a bit weak for that sort of setup, 6850 is atleast 2x as powerful as the 6770 and for the small price difference i would highly recommend 6850 is a much better option.

ATi_Elite2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Not happy with the $600 build cause the GPU is way too weak and plus no Nvidia alternative was given.

HD 6770 NO way! I would not go lower than a HD6850 plus you could get a Nvidia 460GTX which is way Superior than a HD 6770 plus it overclocks like a champ!!

You could get a $99 Black edition AMD dual core CPU or a $99 Athlon 4 core Cpu to run any game and multi-task well thus taking the money saved and put it towards the GPU which is the most important part.

And screw the SSD's! I would buy 3 HDD (1 HDD for OS and the other 2 in Raid O) and go Raid O. Not as fast as a SSD but you save more cash for your GPU and CPU. SSD would be great later on down the road or if you got $2000 to spend off the top.

kornbeaner2702d ago

I have a HD6850 and it runs a ton of stuff on High, plus they are very good OC'ers, I got mine running at near HD6870 speeds, 830mhz at the core and 1175mhz memory. Granted one can get a 6870 and OC it but save a few dollars and get a 6850. The secret to running a PC game is don't over do it with the crazy resolution. Most games run at high to very high settings @1650x1080 which is a very good sweet spot especially if you turn up the textures and such, also keep shadows to a minimum, IMO a waste of processing power especially in a MP game.

primesuspect2702d ago

Does the Tomshardware article factor in shipping and Windows? What's the ACTUAL cost?

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Motorola2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

This site focuses too much on GPU. For 1000 dollars, you can get a better computer with an i7. The hard drives suck. 320 GB and an SSD? Just get a 1 TB Drive for 60 dollars. How long do you think that will last compared to the 320 GB?
Here: even the case is pretty but the power supply might be low, I made it in a rush.

despair2702d ago

If I'm spending 600 bucks for that PC I might as well add another 200 and get something a lot better, the performance for 33% more in cost is exponential.

dommafia2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

why stop there? if you are going to spend 800$ why not 1000$? and so on...

The whole point of these type of articles is for those strapped for cash but want to have a better system than they currently have. And also, paying for windows? come on... but I wont say anything as I'm sure the morale police will come-a-hunting.

despair2702d ago

not the point, what I'm saying is that the performance increase for $200 more is so much that spending $600 on a PC seems like a waste of money, the increase from $800-$1000 is not as good in respect to gaming at this current time and its would actually be $600 - $1000 not $800 as that's the starting point which makes your argument irrelevant.

If you buy this system you will be obsolete in 6 months, but $200 more you can have a good PC for a few years. Not max gaming but good performance over an extended period. Isn't that worth the extra $200 considering how much you might save later on?

xAlmostPro2702d ago

Im upgrading my pc in hopes of playing this on atleast 1080p at 60fps..(however any higher will be a bonus of course)

do you think the rig im getting will cover it..

im planning to get an intel i5 2500k(heard it was better for gaming than the i7) and hopefully overclocking it.

8gb RAM

and for graphics i was planning to go Sli with the nvidia gtx 560..

What do you think guys?

Ranshak2702d ago

I think thats a pretty solid build. You got everything covered.

I5 2500k or any I7 really are about equal in games, why because both of those chips are enough to keep the bottleneck at the GPU front at resolutions like 1920*1080.

GTX 560sli is a pretty solid GPU setup i think you are in for a real treat with this build.

hiredhelp2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I hope he is lol.
I am running a i7 2600k but sli 560 i really hope it run bf3 at max.
Yet dice still not realese official figures.
@Almostpro. If you de ide to go with a 560 may i suggest 2 brands and the reason for it.
KFA2 EX OC , and lastly ZOTAC AMP" if you look for these youll fond these have bit better clocks than many such as gigabyte and asus and even msi.
But also very cool in temps cos they have a flat heat sink directly on the chipset board with heat pipes and 2 silent fans..

xAlmostPro2701d ago

Thanks guys :)

@hiredhelp What is the reasoning for those brands over the official nvidia one? are they cheaper?

hiredhelp2701d ago

Some what yes and no. the reason for this is both are Overclocked. and both have from 900mhz speed many dont go that high.

Asus GTX 560Ti DirectCU II 1GB £178
Engine Clock 830 MHz
CUDA Cores 384
Shader Clock 1660 MHz
Memory Clock 4000MHz (1000MHz GDDR5)
----------------------------- --------
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Size(MB) 1024
Memory Interface 256 bits
Core Clock Speed(MHz) 822
Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 4000
----------------------------- ----------
Now look at this £160
Zotac GTX 560 AMP!
Clock Speed 950 MHz
RAMDAC Clock Speed 400 MHz
Video Memory 1 GB
----------------------------- -----------
KFA2 GTX 560 EX OC Edition £164.99
Cores - 336
Graphics Clock(MHz) - 905
Processor Clock(MHz) - 1810
Memory Clock(MHz) - 2004 (effective 4008)
Memory Amount - 1GB
----------------------------- ------------
Dont always be fooled by the ti versions im running 2 of thoes kfa2 ex oc's there very nice cards dont beelave me please do a youtube search.

dommafia2702d ago

at first I was going to ask why you are getting 8gb of ram for than I looked at my system info and I have i5 2500k, 8gb ram, Radeon 6950 xDDD. This setup eats up any game I've thrown at it in high settings @ 1080p. I don't use AA though (I find it redundant at such high resolution on my monitor, my personal opinion).

You sound like you will be just fine with bf3, comrade.

primesuspect2701d ago

Just out of curiosity: Why the 560 instead of a Radeon 6970? It's $100 more for the same performance

xAlmostPro2701d ago

@primesuspect A work mate suggested it since he is also going with that card, it looked like a good card for Sli so i thought i'd stick with it :)

No other reason

Pandamobile2702d ago

Hooray for already having a PC capable of running the game well.

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