New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD screenshots

Capcom released more new screenshots of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

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MoDyDo2637d ago

Hopefully it gets localized.

Quagmire2636d ago

Hopefully Capcom get their heads ripped outta their asses and actually CATER to what the fans want.

Crapcom has really gone down the shitter these past few months what with Dante and Resi and Street Fighter. They dont have the decency to bring a proper Monster Hunter game to consoles, let alone a portable port.

MoDyDo2636d ago

Yea I don't know why they just keep ignoring their fans, and I've always wanted to see Dino Crisis and Onimusha again but no thanx they will absolutely screw it like RE and DMC, they have done nothing in this generation except for fighting games, but hopefully asura's wrath and dragon's dogma will be great.
Capcom has someone whose making asura's wrath, couldn't they handle DMC?
At least let's just hope they localize this game :(

newn4gguy2637d ago

Ok. Actually pretty excited for this now...

Miiikeyyy2637d ago

You know, Monster hunter for the PS3

BX812637d ago

Can we all get some release dates now. This game looks fun. To bad the only other person I know who has a PS3 or PSP lives in another state. Quick question for you MH vets out there. Is it possible to get all the cool armor and get far into the game with just your self? Thanks.

5119ent2637d ago

yeah you just gotta grind and take your time...