DivX shares rise after company makes PS3 announcement

Shares of DivX Inc. gained ground Tuesday, after the video compression software maker said its technology will be included in Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 video game system.

DivX did not say how much the agreement is worth, but expects it to significantly increase the number of products using its digital playback technology. More than 100 million DivX certified products have been shipped.

Shares rose 44 cents, or 2.4 percent, to $19.07 in morning trading.

JPMorgan analyst Paul Coster described the agreement as ''an important breakthrough'' for DivX. He said DivX technology will probably be used in Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox, along with other major entertainment products.

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whateva4923d ago

I knew it was mixed in the 2.0 FW but I didn't know that they had made an announcement about it.

SDFm3rc4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Whilst a lot of PS3 owners are delighted with this news, I personally need to take a look at the bigger picture of this announcement.

Here are my thoughts. The functional priorities of the PS3 are now:

1. watch DivX
2. watch blu-ray
3. watch SD DVD
4. access internet
5. stream stuff from PC
6. run LINUX
7. play PS2 games
8. play PS3 games

I can forsee a lot of trouble incoming for SONY, especially when developers are spendig their hard earned money on resources in catering to the PS3's hardware, only to find that ALL those years of sweat and tears won't count for diddly when it comes to sales and profit. HS, LIAR, R+C are all prime examples. When you release a gaming console, the sole priority is to break ground in market share and to establish AAA titles as quickly as possible. With all the PS3's attention turned to media playback, it's now pretty much a $600 gadget.

How do the rest of you SONY fans feel about this. Do my thoughts represent all of us? Or am I in the minority?

Fighter4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

...that you are retarded.

OFF TOPIC. Maybe you commented on the wrong story.

The Real Joker4923d ago

I like the best of both worlds. I love my PS3 as a media center and as a games player.

cellypower4923d ago

buy a ps3 sir you sound so jealous that you don't have one.

Greysturm4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

That cant accept ps3 getting good news. If thats what you feel about the ps3 good for you sell it frankly i dont think anybody will miss you. For me and the majority of ps3 users we do what we want with our ps3s in the order that convinces us the most. The fact that you can do all that means that you have options ( i know its a shocker that you ahve freedom to do what you want)! i for one mostly use it for ps3 and psn games, then the rare ps2 game along with movies and downloaded media.

If you are so worried about the ps3 future then why does it have more confirmed titles and improved features for 2008 than either member of the competition just go back under a bridge.

Marceles4923d ago

Now that everyone is starting to see the "functional priorities of the PS3", price shouldn't be an issue for all of the stuff you're getting in one package.

jahcure4923d ago

Did you miss the memo? Where do you see ps3s for $600?

You left out plays PS1 games
Plays SACD

And for ALL those features, $499 is a STEAL.

CrazzyMan4923d ago

well, i see.. YOU HAVE NO LIFE.
poor guy..

unlimited4923d ago

the ps3 is the complete package it plays movies music GAMES and ect..and if you want one go buy the 40gb..stop hating sony on making the ps3 more appealing to million of people out there..

ruibing4923d ago

Ok, you definitely are not a fan or supporter of Sony at all and I highly doubt you own a PS3. The worst thing is that you pretend to be a fan with your nickname.

This is just one of the many extra features you get when you have a PS3. The focus is obviously on games, but when you can watch Blu Ray movies, divx/h264 movies, and do so much more, isn't that better? I can't believe someone is complaining about too much functionality.

Well, for you sir, I suggest going back to sliced break, water, windows 3.1, and notepad since you obviously don't like features that would distract you.

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RunamukK4923d ago

thank god finally. when is this happening?

kspraydad4923d ago

announced yet...future firmware update.

AllroundGamer4923d ago

XVID XVID XVID!!! the last divx movie i saw was about 2 years ago, divx is out, so i really hope they will implement Xvid in the future too...

Arkham4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

They're compatible, so Xvids will run too.

edit: re: below -- The word in the thread on neogaf says this is true, so I'll go with that.

AllroundGamer4923d ago

are you sure?? cause that would be great!

Darkiewonder4923d ago

Supposedly [Heard it from kotaku], but it won't work just yet ;o

As long as I hear .AVI will work with this i'll be a happy person ;o

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