Sony: 1mln to 1.2mln PS3s for North America in '06

Yesterday Sony dropped the bomb that they'd be delaying the PS3 launch in Europe and halving worldwide shipments for 2006 from 4 million to 2 million. So just how many of those 2 million are coming to North America? A Sony spokesperson told MTV News that instead of focusing on those day-one numbers, we should be looking at the 1 million to 1.2 million units available by the end of this year.
Now, we know the armchair analysts (and even some real ones) are getting all doom and gloom about the PS3's holiday prospects in light of today's announcements, but let's throw some context at the mess and see if we can't make this lump of coal shine. The Sony spokesperson was quick to point out the similarities between the PS3's impending launch and the now dominant PS2's launch back in 2000, which also shipped with a fraction of what was expected.
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HyperBear5865d ago

Gametime's first ever come-back in favor of sony with evidence and proof that even with all bad news and everything Sony has lied about PS3 n' all, They will still have more units on launch over 360, and more units by the end of 2006 than Xbox 360 did. Question is what will happen after the holidays after the initial launch of PS3's are gone, i dont tihnk too many people will be buying them then.

Bill Nye5865d ago

I'm seriously considering getting one to sell on eBay now.

TheMART5865d ago

So why did they state in the other more official comment it will only be 400.000? MTV is less reliable I guess

lalaland5865d ago

They believe launch is the entire quarter, while Sony thinks it's the first days to a week.

So 500K for Sony is for the first days of launch -- a period MS only managed 324K in NA compared to Sony's stated 400K....

PS3 Ultimate5865d ago

If you know that Sony is going to lose, then why are u here just to post denial? Its pointless. We Sony fans do not go into the X Box 360 forums and say this news about the 360 is BS or that one is bs. All you guys do is BS and say thats a lie and have doubts when the news for PS3 is good news. But when its bad news all u 360 fans do is egg it on and start saying oh thats true and all. This needs to stop. I guess your X Box 360s are'nt entertaining u enough that u have to come here everyday and post. And you 360 fans talk about sad Sony is?....pfft. Atleast have something decent to say. This is another reason why I do not like MS or the 360. Because of u ignorant 360 fans ruin it. Just like in X Box live ur all the same. No respect whatsoever. So what do you think now? I bet you 360 fans are denying the news here eh? And the news before u really believe it. You really put so much faith in the bad news. I have no interest in MSs consoles. They're done. The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

Lucidmantra5865d ago

silly PS fan. Why is it that more Sony fans put pictures of people who work at SOny than MS fans put up of Gates, Allard or Moore? Because you are all so brainwashed you only believe what those 2 talking heads say. If there is anyone who doesnt care about you it is the guys in those pictures. They only want your money. Sony isn't going to take a loss on consoles like MS did last generation unless they are stupid but then again they are following alot of the same mistakes xbox has made in the past so maybe, just maybe... I think they are going to take a beating on the console. So buy em up Sony fans.

kewlkat0075865d ago

You sound deperate bro...take a chill pill.

MS don't need fools to play it's console. Unlike sonyfanboys we have amind of our own and can think for ourselves rather than relying on Master ken your savior.

sonyfanboys are the most ignorant on here. Lets see your really not helping "sony" cause or your cult.

After all its only a gamesystem..with some type of war in fanboys puny brains.

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The story is too old to be commented.