Need for Speed: "10% of the game is outside the car"

Sarcastic Gamer: "There’s no denying that the latest Need for Speed title, The Run, features some mild moments of controversy. Such as, er, getting out of the car. Driving across the entirety of the USA, there are moments where quick time events — gah! — rear their ugly heads and detract from the racing action. But are they as bad as they sound? Sitting down for a chat with the game’s Executive Producer, Jason DeLong, we were able to pick at things like this along with improvements to Autolog and what it was like working with Battlefield 3‘s Frostbite 2 engine..."

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Godmars2902709d ago

And to some that's 10% too much.

2709d ago
Game0N2709d ago

i seriously don't get the point of this game. why can't NFS be just a decent arcade racer like burnout or something.

Basjohn2709d ago

Everyone keeps asking for another Underground or Most Wanted but they don't listen. It's almost amazing how blatantly they can ignore what their entire fanbase is after and simply make each nfs worse and worse.

The complete lack of upgrades or car customization in recent versions is just one example, and now they're almost proud of that major mistake.

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