Konami Once Considered Making A Zone of The Enders Prequel


In an interview with Zone of The Enders voice actress Jean Mazzei (Viola), she reveals that Konami once expressed an interest in making a ZOE prequel.....

"He mentioned that they might bring her back in a prequel, or have her visit from the other world. I told him I’d love to come back from the dead to play Viola."

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DA_SHREDDER4716d ago

Sounds cool, but then again, I don't want to play as a downgraded Jehuty. Viola coming back to life would be hot though.

SwilloTGL4716d ago

Viola is a pretty cool character alright...

Knightofelemia4716d ago

I wouldn't mind a prequal to the game already have the HD remake preordered I want a third game made to continue the story.

DarkBlood4716d ago

do you happen to know when its coming out?

tiffac0084716d ago

No exact release date for the HD collection yet. As of now it only says TBA 2012. :/

SwilloTGL4716d ago

Hopefully Hideo makes a third game. That would be sweet

SwilloTGL4716d ago

A prequel would be cool. But it would be better to see ZOE 3 instead

Zanarkand4708d ago

A prequel would be awesome i happened to like the 1st game much more due to the characters and the events that took place in the game not to mention the great OST. Would definitely kill to see Viola alive once more.


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Retroman180d ago

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