New Kinect Star Wars Podracing Screenshots Revealed

Microsoft recently announced both an Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle and a previously secret gameplay mode for the forthcoming Kinect Star Wars videogame: Podracing. Following up that revelation comes a small selection of brand new screenshots taken from the newly revealed gameplay mode.

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BrightFalls762665d ago

Take one of the worst scenes in cinema history and integrate Kinect. Bazillion dollars!

Wenis2665d ago

Actually that was probably the only good scene in that movie.

BrightFalls762665d ago

Nah, the only good scene was the opening theme music with the Star Wars graphic. After that it was a mess.

xabmol2665d ago

I thought it was a great toy commercial.

StanLee2665d ago

Is this like Star Wars Episode I Racer for PC back in the day only with Kinect?


Episode one sucked balls and the pod race was the only thing that made it bearable to watch.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2665d ago

The graphics on the N64 weren't bad for its days and still holds up.

CloseSecond2665d ago

Nothing in EI was as bad as the romantic scenes in EII.

guitarded772665d ago

Your Honor, the prosecution would like to submit photo 1 into evidence.

CloseSecond2664d ago

Sorry, but even the inept humor of Mr Binks can top the throw away Mills and Boone of EII. I would put Binks on par with the awful humor of C3-P0 in EII.