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For those seeking the Deus Ex Human Revolution walkthrough, here is the full online strategy guide that will guide you from start to finish for this sci-fi action adventure from Square Enix helping walk you through each scenario with information on each takedown option, informing the of the best ways to get through every bit of the relentless action, powerups and weapon bonus areas, mastering your powers and fighting tactics, all trophies and achievements, all the hints and instructions just as you need them, as well as those always favored secrets you wish you could find. This spoiler free Deus Ex Human Revolution walkthrough guide includes online support from developer and publisher team insiders.

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gameguidedog2640d ago

Full review coming shortly, but between you and me, the game is awesome!

peteonline2640d ago

Agreed, this game is by far the highlight of 2011 so far.

Nitrowolf22640d ago

Awesome. I'll def. use this after my first play through. Don't want to ruin to much of the game experience

JerryMatters2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

This game is extremely cool, and the guide is just as they said, absolutely spoiler free and 100% useful. Just wanted to give kudos where it was due. Video guides are both complete spoilers, basically illegal (i mean if I paid 15 million to make a movie and someone put it on YouTube and made a blog to post it as 'a walkthrough' i'd want to sue them)... And it's actually worth having this GGD site since it's mostly a text guides that I do a double check or lookup on my phone while I play. Plus if I ask them to add some more info, they do it for me! :)

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