ScrewAttack Visits an Arcade Game Auction

The guys from ScrewAttack take you on an entertaining video tour of a real arcade game auction.

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Stumpy Bob4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

I mainly went to price things so I didn't buy anything. The cheapest I saw anything go was $25.00 and that was some really old gambling pinball machines.

Was some fun though, will go again and maybe buy something this time :D

EDIT: You don't need to bring extension cords to this, there are plenty of plugs if you can keep the breakers from tripping

ScrewAttack4729d ago

actually... this is our video and to play some of the games which don't have natural extensions from the machines you need to bring a generic PC power chord and your own extension to run power through them.

It was a cool auction and we look forward to going to the one in December.