Merceron: PS3 Home Needs To Focus On Community To Succeed

PS3's Home was recently pushed back to Spring 2008 because Sony is still chugging away on the online PlayStation 3 world.

Julien Merceron, chief technology officer at Eidos, spoke of PS3 Home in an interview and explained what Sony needs to do in order to ensure success of the new venture.

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Darkiewonder4931d ago

There really isn't a community for that thing. It's almost completely dead with 1 or 2 people in there O.o

Greysturm4931d ago

That was the whole point of home establishing a community.

TheMART4931d ago

At the moment, its looking only like a graphical gimmick, to get the attention away from the fact that PSN isn't one system, but a collection of seperate servers with all different systems, no ingame XMB, no feeling you and your friends are gaming.

They showed what: your appartment, doing a [email protected] dance while others are walking around and watching videos at the wall.

That ain't a community. On XBL, the community is building on the strenghts that a community needs. Ingame flawless jumping over to a friends game (playing something totally different) co-op or even multiplayer with the group of friends you have, cross over game chat text/voice, soonish clan support from the dashboard, an unified friendlist that can be accessed any time you want. The feeling your friends are online and at a click away. That builds a community. Not the feeling you're wandering in a Second Life/Sims rippoff.

Greysturm4931d ago

They already showed several comunity features including jumping in and out of games from home and returning to your apartment (Which can be a dedicated clan house) allowing you to have post game discusions and planning for your next game. or where you were, minigames and interest areas. Sharing music and video with your friends and other people not necessaryly being a member of your friends list all in a seamless online 3d world.

I love xboxlive but its comunity features are not that awesome kid still even with 5 years on the market. The best thing i find about it is the unified friend list but i understand sonys aproach to it since they understood that not all players have the same games and as such a different list for each game with a believe that you can coordinate your games and friendlist from the xmb before playtime but then again fanboys will be fanboys wont they.

Marceles4931d ago

I hope Sony really knows how important Home is to the PS3 community, especially to people that own a PS3 and a 360.

IRONMAN_X_3574931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

for a guy who doesnt like sony at all, you sure stay on kaz and jacks nutz

SKUD4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )