Alone in the Dark confirmed for Wii, PS2 - First screens

PS2 and Wii have joined the platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) set to receive the new Alone in the Dark game from Atari.

So, PS2 and Wii versions are being developed by Hydravision (Eden Games is handling the other versions), and feature the same storyline as the previously announced outings for the revival of the venerable survival horror series.

According to Atari, PS2 and Wii versions of Alone in the Dark push respective hardware "hard", "incorporating many of the gameplay features found in the Xbox 360 version".

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THE_JUDGE4930d ago

another next-gen game being watered down to be on old or poor graphical consoles. Sad just sad.

ChickeyCantor4930d ago

both versions run on a different engine, so how is th "next-gen" versions water downed?

whil the xbox/ps3 versions stay intact the Wii and PS2 versions have to be build from ground up( engine wise).

MK_Red4930d ago

Hope the last gen versions are different because I certainly don't want to have next-gen games that only look better but have the same last gen gameplay and physics.

Still I think it's a sad attempt by Atari, they should have focused on just the next-gen versions. Now there are all different versions and all need time and money to make that probably won't return. Atari is in real trouble as analysts said in Game Informer article / interview.

ChickeyCantor4930d ago

" games that only look better but have the same last gen gameplay and physics.

DUDE both versions work on a different engine, and was it not that they were working on the Ps3/Xbox version first?

so wouldn't it be more like the Ps2 and Wii version would have to break down the physic engine and the engine it self so it can run on the Ps2 and Wii?
you pretend they are porting a Ps2 game to xbox360/ps3

MK_Red4930d ago

Dude read the first part of my comment :)
I hope that 2 versions are indeed different. While the devs said it, I worry that in the end they may make them similair which will hurt the next-gen versions.

Even if they are indeed different, there is no denying the fact that they can't focus all their attention on the next-gen version.
Even EA made Skate, Army of Two, Burnout Paradise only for PS3 and 360 because focusing on 1 similair versions for PS3 and 360 is much easier than working on PS2, Wii, PS3, 360 and PC alltogether IMO.

MSImindlessMSI4930d ago

There is only 1 last gen system being the ps2. Learn your grammerzzz foozz

ChickeyCantor4930d ago

it clear they started with the PS3 and 360 versions first, so maybe they kept the gameplay and physics simple? and thats maybe why its also possible on the other consoles?

plus if the story stays intact then you can dramaticly change allot gfx wise and physic wise.

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vilmer4930d ago

It's the same old story, releasing on as many mediums as possible. Given that the PS2 and Wii's user bases are gigantic it makes sense from a business perspective. Let's just hope this doesn't take away from the next-gen versions. I love these kind of games!

MSImindlessMSI4930d ago

look at that we get xboxz 360 graphics on our wii lol.

(ooh noez I can see the pixelzzz omgfz I should of played b3yondz. O wait I have a slamming pc for that. Good thing I didn't waste my moneyz on a ps3)