Brash leaps on Jumper - Game to be based on Christensen starrer

Brash Entertainment, the young video game publisher focused on Hollywood licenses, will make Fox's upcoming Jumper its second release.

Given its futuristic setting, chase elements and the focus on teleportation powers, Brash execs said Jumper was a natural to turn into a video game. "From the very first script read, we knew this had to be made into a game," said Brash prexy Nicholas Longano. "The teleportation elements make for some very compelling gameplay."

Game will follow Jamie Bell's character, a supporting role in the film, as he tries to avenge the death of his parents.

Collision Studios is developing the game for Playstation 2 and Wii, while RedTribe is making a version for Xbox 360. Brash plans to release the game in February day and date with the film.

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