LucasArts Jobs Hint At Star Wars Battlefront, X-Wing Returns

NowGamer: Star Wars licensor LucasArts hiring for four different games.

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thats_just_prime3552d ago

I dont see anything that hints at Battefront 3. The "opne world rpg" is most likely toR. Battlefront was an open world shooter. I still love to see a part 3 tho

The FPS might refer to the Jedi Knight games.

Flight sim X wing or Rogue Squadron

I'd love to see all those games get made but its probably wishful thinking sadly

DeadlyFire3551d ago

FPS is one of three possibilities. Battlefront. Although its typically 3rd person. Jedi Knight. Very possible and about time for a new Jedi Knight game. As the crowd has started to almost vacate Jedi Academy completely. Republic Commando sequel. Very possible. Lots of demands for one.

Xwing or rogue Squadron? Not likely. I mean same design and direction maybe, but it will very likely be Episode 3 based instead of old school. I don't like it, but its what is typically approved. Never know though.

Open world RPG is likely not TOR. Lucasarts doesn't really work on TOR much. That is EA/Bioware's area to work on. KOTOR 3 maybe? Still 200-300 years before TOR I believe. So many loose ends in KOTOR 2. Lots of room for a story. Almost infinite chance to build something that ties story directly towards TOR. Its kinda funny, but I expected this to be a possibility of them using KOTOR to boost TOR.

I wonder if any of these projects actually make it out the door. FU 3 canned a few times, KOTOR 3 was canned at least once, Battlefront 3 canned at least once. Lucasarts that scared of releasing a bad game?

bumnut3552d ago

Id rather see a new xwing game personally, xwing and tie fighter were amazing back in the day

skyward3552d ago

If there's something X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter-related in there bring it on. HD remake for consoles?

smilydude133552d ago

I should hope it wouldn't be for consoles. It would most likely have to be dumbed down and would only be X-wing in name only.

Release a Rogue Squadron for consoles and X-Wing for PC please. I've been dying for a good space sim for ages.

smilydude133552d ago

@ all the disagrees:

You guys have played a Space Sim before, right? I take it you know how complex the controls are and how gamepads would have a shortage of input options to control such a title. Therefor, if it were to be made as a console game they would have to dumb it down so that they wouldn't require such input.

detroitmademe3552d ago

im not a Star Wars fan but Battlefront 3 would b epic,the last 2 were so ahead of its time infantry,tanks,fighter planes,huge space battle,u could infiltrate the enemies mothership, bikes,mechs,not to mention heroes or villians like Darth Vader could enter the battle &flat out own anyone or anything.Such a refreshing experience,i cant believe we have went so long this generation without a new one.I guess they havent got it right yet.This is one of they few games ill admit can compete with warhawk/Starhawk.

Buho3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Star Wars Battlefront III would be so f*cking awesome! I had a blast with the first two games on the PS2, and on my PSP. Please let this be true LA!

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The story is too old to be commented.