SCEA's Official Word On PS3 Shortage

The announcement by Sony of a dramatic reduction in PS3s from the initial 2 million console mark to a scant 500,000 across both Japan and North America rocked the Internet today. European gamers were perhaps the most affected, as the launch of the most powerful console ever made was pushed back to March of 2007. The reason for the substantial drop in launch units was attributed to difficulties with the manufacturing of the blue laser diode, which is a key component to the console.

While rumors flew on message boards that this was the death knell of Sony, other rumors about the future of Blu-Ray and the potential skyrocket in prices for systems (thanks to the decrease in available systems) on Ebay ran rampant. IGN were lucky to have Dave Karraker, the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Sony Computer Entertainment America, provide answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding the reduced number of systems.

IGN: Despite the fact that you're sticking to the "six million units by the end of the fiscal year", there have been reports that only 400,000 units will be available in North America on November 17th and 100,000 units in Japan. Are these reports true?

Dave Karraker: At a media meeting this morning in Japan, Ken Kutaragi confirmed that there would be 400,000 units at launch for North America and 100,000 units in Japan. The North American number is just below what we had available at launch for PS2 and is higher than what Microsoft had for Xbox 360. More importantly, in my mind, is that we will have 1 to 1.2 million units available by December 31 in North America. This is more than double what Xbox 360 sold through during the same period (TRST data) and should assure there aren't significant stock dips at retail.

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Silent5862d ago

That the 400,000 are all 60gb version.

Joe Schmoe5862d ago

Ok with this new information of 400,000 PS3's for the united states I started crunching the numbers and here is what I came up with. Also before you start ripping me apart I know that every store is not going to get the same amount. And I know that these are not all the major electronics venders but they are the only ones I could think of so here it goes.

There are more than 3,800 Walmarts in the US.
(This is the number of store's that Walmart share holders information gave me. You think they would know how many stores they have)

There are 3,684 EB/Gamestop's in the US.

There are 742 BestBuy's in the US.

There are 630 Circuit City's in the US.

There are 32 Fry's in the US.

What all this information tells us so far is 45 consoles per store. Ok Now what I need help on is knowing the other major venders. So if you must reply to this please tell me the name of a major local electronics vender in your area so I can Find out how many there are and come up with a better guesstimat of PS3's per store.

Captain Tuttle5862d ago

But do your calculations take into accountonline sales? I bought my 360 from EB games online. I think you'll be seeing a big push from retailers to buy online as it's cheaper for them (no costs associated with getting the product to individual stores)

Joe Schmoe5862d ago

I am currently looking for individual sales numbers for each store and that includes the online sales of each of the major electronics venders. Lots of homework for me yea!! Help anyone, also if you decide to help with this research show where you got your info so you dont have people telling us we are full of sh!t

I want to know at what store I have the best chance to get my hands on a PS3.

Monchichi0255862d ago

Laughing My ASS off!!!!

Come on, how stupid do you think we really are Sony!!!! You have done nothing but Lie ever since..... well that's all you've ever done. And you still expect us to believe that you will be able to even come close to 6 million!! You did just notice that you dropped your initial sales by over HALF!! Where are these extra couple of million units supposed to come from??? 6 million was the number you were struggling to meet before this bad news, and now you expect us to take your word on it. It's not like you can all of a sudden increase production can you??

All I gotta say is "F" YOU Sony!!! You lost a loyal customer and I'm sure you will be losing MANY, MANY more! I will Never by anything with the Sony name on it ever again!!!

HiSpeedSoldier615862d ago

DAMN!! THIS SUCKS!!! Even though I expected this kind of cutback from the initial Ps3 launch figures Sony stated (with all the new technology under the hood I knew it was a little too good to be true), I still couldnt fully prepare myself for it. I think anxious gamers might join the X Box camp this holiday, but there are still some great games coming out for the PS2 that will hold over most PS owners, like myself. The PS3 takeoff has stumbled a little now, but I also don't think it will effect the PS3's chances in the longrun. When people see the PS3's abilities and software FIRST HAND, I think most people will forgive this incident. I can wait, NO PROBLEM!

THAMMER15862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

1. The Price just dose not justify the abilty of the console.
2. There are alot of people who are bitter and bitter people means bitter wallets.
3. Halo 3 Gears of war and Lost planet, and Assason Creed, and Madden 07, and Euro football. PS3 has left the building they never came to in the first place.