Wii to Replace MP3 with AAC

In a move that some may deem a little foolish, Nintendo have announced an upcoming upgrade for the Wii's photo channel service, replacing support for the world's most popular format, MP3, with AAC. Nintendo's official website states:

Check out these enhancements to the Photo Channel, which will be available in December, 2007.

-Personalize your Wii Menu by making one of your favorite digital images from an SD memory card as the Photo Channel icon.

-The Wii console will replace MP3 compatibility with the ability to play AAC files, which provide a greater sound quality than an MP3 of the same size. This new compatibility will work with MP4 audio files in the .m4a format. Additionally, you can now choose to have the songs play back in a random order.

-Wii consoles sold in retail stores starting in December 2007 should include AAC file support.

-For Wii Console owners without the AAC file compatibility, you can download the updated version of the Photo Channel from the Wii Shop Channel starting in early December 2007. Please note that once you download the updated Photo Channel (ver 1.1), you will no longer be able to play MP3 format music files.

Additionally, consumers who purchase a Wii console with the updated Photo Channel (ver. 1.1) already installed will not be able to install the previous version to support MP3 playback.

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ItsDubC4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

I've actually never used the Photo Channel but switching to AAC from the most common music format just seems suspicious to me for some reason. Possible ulterior motives? iTunes integration?

Kholinar4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Could be itunes integration, but itunes and all apple products are fully compatible with mp3... It might have to do with licensing issues. Mp3 is much less friendly, more expensive (like $.75 vs. $.12) and a lot of companies are currently getting sued because of mp3 patent disputes....

They are right about one thing, though... AAC is much better quality.

Oops... we're front page now... So before we get any sillyness, AAC is not Apple's format. It's an open (but not completely free) format that Apple chose.


texism4923d ago

This doesn't make sense.

Darkiewonder4923d ago

Will stop working for Excite Truck or they'll patch that game up? ;o

Kholinar4923d ago

good question... seems like it's saying the entire console will be updated, not just the photo channel.

Darkiewonder4923d ago

Hopefully I won't be FORCED. If it's just the Photo Channel, I won't update. If they try to stick it in a FW Update, I'll just have to find a way not to run it ;O

I really want to know the reason Nintendo is doing this.

Kholinar4923d ago

looks like it's not a forced upgrade.

Could be bad if they update the photo section with things you like.

There could be a lot of reasons, as I stated in my earlier post. Eventually one would think that mp3 would die... it's really, really old and really not very good at compression.

Darkiewonder4923d ago

But like many others, I still use it lol.

ChickeyCantor4923d ago

the MP3 program should be compiled with the game.... i mean i wouldnt be suprised if the ingame soundtracks were mp3.

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DJ4923d ago

people who update and assume that they're simply adding a new feature, not deleting a prior one. MP3s are standard though. Shouldn't Nintendo simply support both?

damnwrx4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

Similar to BD and HD-DVD..........Fok that iish.

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