PSP gaining full access to the PlayStation Network?

PS3 Attitude delves into the latest round of PSN Terms & Conditions updates and finds some interesting changes.

Could the PSP be connecting directly to the PSN soon? And what does that mean for the PS3?

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zslash4930d ago

Indeed, PSP is getting access to PSN. It's been confirmed for awhile. Jaffe even said Calling All Cars is coming to PSP.

PlayStation3604930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

but I really enjoy the PS3/PSP combo (PS3P if you will). I hope more PS3 games come with that remote play such as with Lair. :( Man, I wish us Americans can have that PlayTV like our European brothers.

Danja4930d ago

that would be awesome...lets see more remote play for PS3 games...

Blasphemy4930d ago

Would be pretty sweet if true. Would this mean I would be able to access the browser on the PS3 thru PSP and get online if I were not next to a wifi spot?

bootsielon4930d ago

And its own version of home. If PSP gets DivX, and content on demand such as games, movies and music, I believe sales of the PSP would get a significant boost; and not just a week. FOREVER.