Top 20 Overlooked Video Game Women (20 - 11)

A list of the video game women who, for some reason or another, don't get the limelight.

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BrightFalls764421d ago

I understand most didn't find these to be quality titles at all so no surprise they are overlooked but two of my favorites that nobody ever talks about have been Kelly from GunValkyrie (Xbox) and Alicia from Bullet Witch (Xbox 360). I enjoyed the heck out of both of those games and they were the very definition of failures:)


Ex-Nintendo designer says no new F-Zero due to Mario Kart, low sales & high costs

F-Zero has been a dormant franchise for a couple of decades now. In fact, if it weren’t for the obvious appearances that Captain Falcon has been making in Super Smash Bros. games, you could get the impression that Nintendo has forgotten all about the series.

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2moda5gamer88d ago

Have a new F-Zero hit within the first 2 years of Switch 2 and watch it sell away.

Immagaiden88d ago

Can’t believe Nintendo chose a remaster for Cruise N Blast over F-Zero GX

GhostScholar88d ago

I wish they would see the license then.

Knightofelemia88d ago

Maybe Nintendo should learn to drop the prices on their games if they want more sales. I have seen games that are 4 years old on store shelves at full price.

Rockstar88d ago

I've had treasure tracker for the switch bookmarked since it was released waiting for the price to hit my sweet spot of 30 bucks...still waiting...

blackblades88d ago

We haven't seen a lot of franchise's from Nintendo. Mario will always stay as the shit stain of Nintendo. Mario games are fun and Kirby but some times you get tired of seeing Mario everywhere literally everywhere. They are playing it safe.

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