Mad Catz MLG Controller is Mind Blowing Awesomeness (StrengthGamer)

From StrengthGamer: "It's a rare occasion when I get excited about a video game controller. I am definitely not one of those gamers that blames their lack of skill on the controller (note Roger Hansen). So when I caught wind of the upcoming Mad Catz controller I shrugged it off... Until I read about it."

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wwm0nkey3553d ago

I will buy one, looks really good quality and the ability to mix and match parts is awesome. I like how you can switch analogs and dpads, now PS3 users can use a 360 set up and vise versa.

(will be putting a PS3 Dpad on the 360 version)

BattleAxe3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

The analogue sticks will be crap within 3 weeks, save your money. I use only proprietary controllers(Sony/Microsoft) or Logitech, the rest are junk.

wwm0nkey3553d ago

Well their fighting stick has lasted me a good year so I am probably going to buy it. Their fight sticks are great, their head sets (tritton) are good, also considering this is a tournament grade controller and they Mad Catz have been doing quality stuff for the past 2 years I have faith in this 3rd party controller.

Now say if it was a GameStop controller? Hell no.

Bigpappy3553d ago

Nah! I never had a 3rd party controller that I prefered over the standard 360 controller. The fell and response of the buttons and the analog sticks have no equal so far. That and the contoller itself is so comfortable that I just move my fingers instinctively, with out even remembering that there is a controller in my hands.

Lastly, the main reason I never owned a Playstion in any generation, was because I could never get use to the layout of the controller. I have played on all of them, but I always fell uncomfotable.

BattleAxe3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I used to say the same thing about the 360 controller, but now I like them both. Just takes a short period of time to get used to. I use a wireless 360 controller for some PC games, works flawlessly.

GasTankKiller3553d ago

I'm always looking for something to give me that extra edge when in multiplayer. I may have to try this controller out. Price will be a bit of a factor though.

banjadude3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Used to own a few third-party Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64 controllers.... never going down that route again (even for modern consoles), lol.

wwm0nkey3553d ago

Mad Catz had been getting A LOT better in the past few years, their fight sticks are amazing.

banjadude3553d ago

Oh, sorry, I should have mentioned, I meant third-party brands in general (not specifically Mad Catz).

boc3553d ago

How about doing something that Madcatz seems incapable of doing?! Like making directionals that actually work accurately?! I wasted my money on the Super Streetfighter 4 360 controller and I'm now at the point where I won't waste another thin dime on anything made by MadCatz. The only peripheral I'd be interested in would be a 360 controller that has spot on directionals in fighting games, and madcatz has proven they just aren't up to the task. Whatever they're selling I ain't buying!

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The story is too old to be commented.