IGN AU Give Ratchet & Clank Future: TOD 9.4

Videogames, by and large, are all about acquisition, and the Ratchet & Clank games embrace this founding principle with greater fervour than most. In Ratchet & Clank, barely a second goes by without collecting something; bust open one of the series' ubiquitous crates and hundreds of bolts spill out, bust open the skull of an enemy and - like some kind of bizarre pinata.

In the case of Tools of Destruction, the more bolts you collect, the more weaponry you can buy, and the more 'raritanium' you find, the faster you can upgrade said weapons. Plus, the more you use each weapon, the quicker it levels up.


9.4 was IGN Rview score

9.2 is IGN AU review score

Thanks to MK_Red for pointing out.

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SDFm3rc4928d ago

I'm not being funny, but there's NO WAY IN HELL, that ratchet is an 9.4 game. afte wasting nearly half a day to download the b1tch, I was left xtremely dissapointed. Just another AVERAGE platformer to catalogue next to the other mostly AVERAGE PS3 games.

Baba19064928d ago

the finished version is much more fun than the demo. its really amazing. 90+ score from me too. =D but maybe you justdont like plattform games. couse this one rules.

MK_Red4928d ago

Eh... 9.4 is main site's score. AU score is below it: 9.2
Still pretty good score and review.

predator4928d ago

yeah soz about that im busy at work and didnt notice that, ive done an update at the top

FirstknighT4928d ago

Has this game even sold 100k???

Baba19064928d ago

does this change anything? whats your point? are good things sold more than not so good things? you should think about that. hyped isnt equal to good.

Baba19064928d ago

it came out today in europe. or yesterday. =D i just bought it and i must say its sooooooooo funny. love it. =D

Baba19064928d ago

damn double post. =D hmm anyway good game hihi.

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