GameSpot DS review: Call of Duty 4

The Nintendo DS rendition of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare delivers every ounce of action and suspense as the console versions, save for the awesome online play. In this portable first-person shooter, you play the role of a special forces operative who has to stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear weapon. Your travels take you to various locations in Russia and the Middle East, where you'll unleash a wide variety of realistic weapons against the bad guys who constantly appear as you make your way through each 3D environment. The controls, environment layouts, and CPU behavior in the DS game aren't as nicely put together as they are in the console versions, but those rough spots really don't take away all that much from the couple of days' worth of Jack Bauer-style escapades that the single-player campaign provides. However, the DS version doesn't offer any of the online modes that its console counterparts do, which means that your interest in the game will probably wane significantly after you complete that initial play-through.

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