The first 10 minutes: Assassin's Creed

Here is a video posted at Gamersyde of the first 10 minutes of Assassin's Creed.

Note: Ubisoft asked not to spoil the opening scenes, so this video starts after the opening cinematic.


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picker3324934d ago

But i'm not sure if i want this game yet?

picker3324934d ago

Eh f**k it!
I'm gonna buy this game becouse i don't have any better games on my ps3!
eccept for Cod4 but it's a pc game the end.

Peace Out!

Fighter4934d ago

Bestbuy is offering both for $90 as a package. Looks like an interesting game.

tethered4934d ago

Why did 1up give it such a low score again?

Something about the AI? Not attacking at the same time?
WTH? I see more than one at a time in this clip.

1up has no idea how to score a game.

Baba19064934d ago

that looks just omg crazy!!!! wow wow wow.

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The story is too old to be commented.