Bethesda talks Fallout 3 DLC

Bethesda has said it'll likely look at producing downloadable content for its forthcoming post-nuclear RPG Fallout 3 once the game is content-complete.

"How much of it or what we would do if anything is still up in the air", the studio's Pete Hines told CVG when asked whether download content is something planned for, and would fit with, Fallout 3.

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Skerj4930d ago

I don't like developers talking about DLC for games such as this when the game hasn't been released yet.

monkey6024930d ago

Wow a developer talking about DLC nearly a year before the games release is not a good thing. Couldnt they add that content to the game and make sure we get value for our money.

MK_Red4930d ago

Guy, actually thi sis what he's talking about that first they must focus on main game and make sure it's as good as it can be and something that is worthy of the name and then they could move onto the DLC.

monkey6024930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Haha I was waiting for your take on it. I know how much you're into Fallout. There is always an upside to DLC after all it is more to your game, but a year before release and people are just going to see it as robbery.

EDIT: Knights of the nine on Oblivion was great. But I'm not planning on getting Shivering Isles. DLC is always a good thing though I suppose.

MK_Red4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Well, I'm really crazy about 2 games. Fallout and MK :)

Didn't try Knights of Nine and Shivering Isles but I hear they were both fun.

Seafort4930d ago

You mean like the did with Oblivion and the horse armour DLC hehe.

I don't trust Bethsoft much anymore they used to a damn good dev studio but then they got sucked into the xbox live crap and DLCs and now they are just as bad as EA for selling content which should be in the game to start with.

zornik4930d ago

I'm sure Fallout 3 will rock and just like Oblivion the DLC is just extra gameplay.I played Oblivion for 100+ houres and got all my achievements with NO download content.