Exclusive interview with Nick Davis (Bizarre Creations)

Nick Davis design manager at Bizarre Creations (Creators of Project Gotham Racing 3), gives away an one-time exclusive interview to Dutch gaming website He talks about Bizarre Creations upcoming PC/360/PS3 title: The Club.

Hit the link to check out the video.

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Bor4360d ago

The Club, Bizarre Creations and Nick Davis rock! :)
So it's my pleasure ;)

Stinus4360d ago

welkers, you're totally right, bizarre creations rocks! The Club, PGR :)
And nice vid by the way :P

DarkSniper4360d ago

I am looking foward to the innovation that Bizarre Creations will be making for the Sony Playstation 3 home entertainment system. Unfortunately, due to the poor design of the XBOX 360, Bizzare Creations was not able to fully utilize their vision on Project Gotham Racing. Unfortuately, DVD-9 is considered a format of the past and Bizarre Creations realized this and broke away.

Project Gotham for PS3 will be a highly anticipated game.


fablex4360d ago

Yes, but they cant use the Project Gotham Racing name of course, since that is owned by Microsoft Game Studios ;)

The Chief of Mjolnir4360d ago

I´ve seen The Club gameplay on, and it looks aweseome!
When is it comming out?

The Chief of Mjolnir4359d ago

Aww, that´s almost half a year!

Oh, well.