PSU talks Uncharted with Naughty Dog Co-Vice President

PSU made an interview with Christophe Balestra, Co-President of Naughty Dog. They talk about the necessity of Blu-ray and the power of the Cell processor, the technology behind the game and more.

PSU: How does the animation system and graphics in Drake's Fortune benefit from the Cell and SPU's?

Christophe Balestra: One of our first goals when we started Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was to push what's been done in animation for video games. We developed a brand new animation system that took full advantage of the SPU's. Nathan Drake's final animation is made of different layers like running, breathing, reloading weapons, shooting, facial expression, etc; we end up decompressing and blending up to 30 animations every frame on the SPU's.

And this is just for Nathan Drake; we have a lot more than that when you add the NPC's and enemies.

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Kain814963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

...i ever played (i mean the Demo).
The demo was freaking Hot.
Ps3 shows some of his muscles ^^
Its unbeliveble that uncharted: drakes Fortune used 30% of the performance of the ps3

thereapersson4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

I can see them over the horizon! We'll get people in here thinking they know more than Naughty Dog, attempting to dispel those claims that they are happy over the PS3 hardware. ;-)

Anyway, it's good to see how well Naughty Dog has a grasp on the PS3 hardware. Hopefully they can share their development techniques with other studios so they can make games that are equally as technologically impressive on the PS3.

MK_Red4963d ago

Is it just me or does Drake seriously look like Gerard Butler of 300:

Antan4963d ago

He was fabulous in 300!! .........Mr Butler of course! hehe

VendettaWFT4963d ago

I would say he kinda looks like Nathan Fillion (Firefly)...kinda

thereapersson4963d ago

Sure are adamant about that...

Skerj4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Drake needs the Sparta Kick combo now to homage 300. Start kicking pirates into holes and over waterfalls while shouting random things and vigourously eating apples.

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Kain814963d ago

man sorry but iam not a fanboy, but i admit that i hate M$.
and i only said that one of the developers said that they using 30 % of the performance, and no more. And this makes me a fanboy (oh man) T.T

xg-ei8ht4963d ago

It just proves that gabe newell of valve is an arse.

Saying that using spu's bring nothing to the table.

Gabe just doesn't like using multicores.

----------------------------- ----------------------
PSU: The core engine for Drake's Fortune was built from the ground up. How does the engine itself come to utilize and take advantage of the PlayStation 3's core architecture and features?

Balestra: The main thing about the PlayStation 3 is the Cell processor and more specifically the SPU's. We are only using 30 percent of the power of the SPU's in Uncharted. We've been architecting a lot of our systems around this and we were able to take full advantage of that power. A big part of our systems is running on SPU's: scene bucketing, particles, physics, collision, animation, water simulation, mesh processing, path finding, etc. For our engine, the cool thing about having the SPU's is the fact we can minimize what we send to the RSX (the graphic chip), it allows us to reject unnecessary information and get the RSX to be very efficient.

Enough said. Awesome game and Awesome Hardware.

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