BF3 No One Hit Body Kills with Snipers, More Weapon Recoil, and More - DICE Talks Guns

There has been tons of Battlefield 3 info floating around the internet this past week. Recently, DICE developers have been much more generous with specifics on weapons and other details about the game.

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xtremexx2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

no one hit body kills makes sense, it makes snipers take more care and time instead of stupid quickscoping

john22708d ago

amen to that. Now if only the PC version supported an in-game browser and there wasn't any regeneration for the vehicles...

Criminal2708d ago

I wish I could afford a gaming rig so that I can experience BF3 to the max.

Dart892708d ago

Oh no so now if i do 360 ladder no scope collateral across the map and hit them they won't die??xDD

OT:That's why i like to hear more recoil makes the game that more enjoyable and requires more skill.

BlackKnight2708d ago


It looks like maxing BF3 with DX11 @ 1080P @ 30 FPS is pretty damn cheap:

If you scroll to the benchmarks you can see even a older 460 GTX getting an average of 30 FPS at DX11, High quality, 1080P. And this is Alpha too.

I am betting you could max BF3 on PC @ 30FPS for 600 bucks.

evrfighter2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

it makes them more of a support role tbh. They either help finish someone off or take out a huge chunk of hp for the people pushing to finish off.

this is how it should be. BF2 played the same way

@blackknight and people forget that Alpha is unoptimized so fps will be higher at higher. HOWEVER alpha was 32 man servers. The amount of mayhem going on when you add another 32 could be over doing it on a 460

Dramscus2708d ago

Making snipers not a one hit kill makes them next to useless unless you headshot everytime. After it recoils it's near impossible to hit someone again.

In the real world snipers are king.
In video games rambo complains about getting his ass shot off for running around out in the open.

ThanatosDMC2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

They're finally going back to the way BF2 was.

^Learn how to aim and hide.

gamesmaster2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

@Dramscus if we're talking about making this 'real life' then if snipers one shot kill people why shouldn't a 7.62mm round from an AK one shot someone as well? its about balance.. Having said that i don't agree with only 1 shot sniper kills to the head, maybe central and upper torso areas should be one hit too.

edit: infact i think all sniper shots should be 1 shot but landing that shot should require serious skill, (take into account wind etc), not to a ridiculous level but its a factor at least.

Dramscus2708d ago

I think there's a difference between those rounds and .50 colibur rounds.

The ak rounds will wound, people do live from those because their generally wearing armour and stuff. Still takes the person out of the fight but thats not what we're talking about.

Whereas the .50 caliber sniper rifles generally used in games and armed forces today will blow someone nearly in half.

Bull5hifT2708d ago

Not even shooting someones brain or Heart, thats Realistic

gamesmaster2708d ago

I see your point but I still think a 7.62 to anywhere central to the torso is a sure kill unless you are damn lucky and keep all your organs unscathed.

Biggest2708d ago

A .50 will do more than almost blow someone in half. The sniper change isn't something to make the game more realistic. It's making the game more fair for more people. Skilled snipers will still get head shots. Fewer body shot kills makes more sense for the game. Body shots from a sniper, depending on distance, are one shot kills in reality. Much like the AK47, the bullet does so much damage that a person will end up dead.

hiredhelp2708d ago

i did a quick google translation for you. well for me here you go.

Mr_Lu_Kim2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Seems these devs have never heard of Hydrostatic shock. 7.62mm rounds or bigger can kill you in one shot to the leg let alone a torso shot especially when holoow point rounds arte used. I get that it is a balance issue for the game but why nerf up the snipers to make them feel like COD? They have already added scope reflection as well as scope sway on top of bullet drop. Seems like they want to make sniping feel more rel yet they go and do this???

basically getting hit anywhere in the body ups your bodies fluid pressure so quickly that you brain will hemerage and you heart valves burst and you will be dead before you hit the ground and that's from a leg shot!

A shock wave can be created when fluid is rapidly displaced by an explosive or projectile (aka AK47 bullet). Tissue behaves similarly enough to water that a sonic pressure wave can be created by a bullet impact, generating pressures in excess of 1,500 psi (10,000 kPa).

Sounds like getting hit by big bullets is pretty much a one hit kill every time unless you have good armour on.

I just hope that HardCore mode still exists.

jessupj2708d ago

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm playing BF:BC2 right now and the only way I can one shot an enemy as a sniper is to hit them in the head.

Even a torso shot with the 50. with magnum ammo won't bring them down the first time.

LoVeRSaMa2707d ago

I hate it when they make snipers crap.

They should just STOP quickscoping all together and let the sniper retain the power it needs, its always the hardest to use in most games and when at short range is practically useless, I can play hit and then not get a 2nd chance.

Where as I can use a sub machine gun and run around and get like 4 lucky kills.

Games are taking the skill out of sniping and its annoying because its my favourite class.

Sorry for the rant ^_____^

Kurt Russell2707d ago

I don't remember snipers in battlefield ever being a 1 shot kill unless you get them in the face...

awi59512707d ago


I want windn,bullet spin,and the ghost recon marker system then they can have one shot kills. Its stupid that snipers can take shot after shot at you and the game has never had a good way to spot them out. The just run behind a mountain and the 3dmark comes off them or if someone else marks something else. Ghost recon had the best marking system mark a area and it stays.

jeseth2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

No offense to anybody but I have ti disagree with this. Sniper Rifles shoudl more or less put a guy down no matter where he is hit. A bullet to the Chest/Torso will at the very least incapasitate and most times kill someone. A shot to the leg will leave them crawling for cover. A shot to the arm is probably the only spot where someone could effectively get to cover and even then probably wouldn't be able to shoot more than a pistol.

I think making Sniper Rifles take two shots to the body is going to take away from the importance of tactically having a good sniper on your team.

Whenever I snipe (which I'm terrible at) I can't stand it when I shoot someone right in the chest/leg and they just run to safety. Its rediculous. I know its a game but 2 hit sniper kills is lame and takes away from teh tru deadliness of the high power rifles that Snipers use.

Even though I f'ing hate snipers. It's things like this that make people hate COD. COD trying to make the game "more balanced" for everyone is what made MW2 and Black Ops such a watered down game. If BF starts doing this to cater more to COD type players than to true core BF fans than I thnk there will start to be some backlash as arcade, COD type players start running and gunning all over BF.

Video games shouldn't make themselves more balanced to cater to one style or the other. The gamer should be smart enough to realize what they are good at and how to use their own unique skills to get around their weaknesses.

Darrius Cole2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I agree with this move. As a rule I agree with anything that nerfs sniping in video games. Sniping breaks video games. If you see 10 soldiers in a real life military situation, 1 or 2 of them will be snipers. In a military video game if you see 10 soldiers then 5 or 6 of them are snipers. Your objective can be about to blow up but almost nobody comes to disarm it because half of your team is hiding waiting for safe sniper kills. There should be more people in the thick of the fight and less people on the edges sniping.

This is about balance, not realism.

@Dramscus...I think Gamester & Mr_Lu_Kim are correct. Most all of the guns we see in BF:BC2 would one-shot kill, not just the sniper rifles. Also, the automatics & semi-automatic shoot so fast, that you couldn't recover to save yourself once someone had time to get good aim and hit you.

If the game was realistic then almost every person who got shot first would die first. The game would be about keeping your head down until you get the drop on the enemy.

Also, sniping would be much harder then it is in the game. It takes a lot of training to be a military grade sniper. Aiming from that far off is hard. Moreover, that gun is heavy as hell. You can't run all over the place while carrying a 30 pound gun.

Heartnet2707d ago

Gets rid of quickscoping.. and Sniping all together imo... 1 hit kill snipers usually have only one shot before they have to mini reload and by then the enemy has escaped..

Gets rid of one problem but creates another...

ThanatosDMC2707d ago

You guys do notice that they're wearing body armor, right?

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Mister_V2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Yes, I agree. I like that it gives the player at least a little bit more of a chance to try to locate the snipers position. It's nice to have a little bit more survivability.

lil Titan2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

This is great news and all but i just wanna know when is the PS3 beta coming out now. I got my Medal of Honor limited edition to be in it early so where is the beta?

C_Menz2708d ago

MoH beta get into the open beta two days early for the PC. Not sure if it applies to the PS3 beta.

Elwenil2708d ago

Next month, I believe.

lil Titan2708d ago

I dont understand this "open beta" if i paid for MoH limited edition game then it should be a closed beta right or people who got it get in a week early before an open beta is released right? they need to release more details about this beta, i feel like i wasted $25 on this game i could have just rented it.

red2tango2708d ago

I tweeted Battlefield and they told me that it will be 48 hours before the open beta some time in mid-September.

peowpeow2707d ago

I think that's just a lesson learnt. Don't buy games for betas lol

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3GenGames2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Since when was quick scoping a problem in BFBC2?

2 hit snipers? Looks like I'll NEVER EVER be using that class. That's the WHOLE POINT of them! Along with the scope flash when lying down, they nurfed it and put everything against them, it shouldn't even be in the game now. I am actually disappointed, DICE. And that'd the first time I've ever said that.

dericb112708d ago


Quickscoping is not a massive problem but close range one hit body shots are popping up.

christheredhead2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

2 hits to the body and one to the head, that's how it should be. its not like it was that big of a problem with bc2, but i still ran into people regularly running around with m95 taking flags like it was nothing.

snipers in fps multiplayer gets out of hand. not just battlefied, but generally speaking. snipers need to snipe. not run around 1 shoting people. battlefield 3 seems to be going back to the core of sniping and balancing everything out. i mean you have a weapon that can kill with one shot, what more do you need. there has to be some sort of check and balance in that instance. a trade off of weapon power for technique and skill.

lil Titan2708d ago

Quick scoping is always a problem it's either you haven't played BF BC2 for very long or you haven come across stupid 50 players who run around with the sniper rifle like its a shotgun quick-scoping getting one hit kills, it's stupid. Headshots will always be one hit kill which every sniper should be aiming for in the first place, quit your whining and based on the released weapons chart looks like the cheat VSS isnt coming back either.

vickers5002708d ago

"battlefield 3 seems to be going back to the core of sniping and balancing everything out"

Not really. The only reason people use sniper rifles is because of their power. Without their power, they become absolutely worthless and underpowered.

Fragger2k82708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


That's part of the point.. Too many people rely on using sniper rifles because they were almost always instant death, and because it almost always gave them the upper hand. Thankfully, less people should be using them now because they will take more skill to get kills with. In the right hands they aren't going to be worthless, and that really is how it should be.

I really hate seeing 70% of players running around with snipers in BC2. Most of them never even used the class the way it was intended. Instead of being a valuable asset to the team, most people just use it for the quick kills and being a one man army, instead of being helpful.

Hopefully it will balance things a bit better.

ChipChipperson2708d ago

Wow, all these people always keep saying "Battlefield 3 is realistic" it's takes smarts." But, you're the same idiots who go running around making yourselves targets and of course you complain about it. Why can't DICE just put 1 shot kill center mass and head and the type of weapon used. Of course not 1 shot kill to the arms, legs, lower part of the torso, etc. It would limit the fun, but they take out an advantage that snipers had. And lil Titan, snipers DO NOT ALWAYS aim for the head. When they are engaging several targets coming for them they aim center mass. There are other things they can do to balance the recon class though. How about better ballistics DICE? BC2 had half assed ballistics and trajectory for bullets. Only some weapons had them and the distances/mil dots didn't really correlate with each other.

lil Titan2708d ago

@ChipChipperson i swear people and the lack of reading if you go back to my comment i SAID "Headshots will always be one hit kill which every sniper SHOULD be aiming for in the first place" so i didnt say snipers ALWAYS aim for the head and if there are multiple targets running toward a sniper as you stated "When they are engaging several targets COMING FOR THEM they aim center mass." then why would a sniper try to snipe in the first place? A GOOD sniper would try to take as many down coming for him before he move to a new spot and the quickest way to take an enemy down in this case is to...i guess you know that answer. not all the time but should be MOST of the time.

vickers5002708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


".. Too many people rely on using sniper rifles because they were almost always instant death"

Yeah, and too many people also rely on spraying a full clip at someone, not having to have much skill or accuracy because they are simply spraying bullets in their general direction, slightly moving left and right easily getting a kill.

People with automatics are way more over powered than snipers, especially now that you can attach freaking scopes to your assault rifle and fire with high accuracy and little recoil.

If snipers annoy you, then you need to stop running out in the open like a headless chicken. It's YOUR fault that you got killed, not some mythical overpowered sniper rifle. People that use automatics have the continuous fire advantage, yet snipers now lose their only advantage which was having a power advantage, so now people with automatics will rule the game and those who prefer sniping will be left in the dust.

Balance should accommodate BOTH types of gameplay, not just run-n-gunners. Oh, and also, where's the cut/nerf to automatics? Because I sure don't see any. The weapons are still as powerful as ever, recoil is still almost non-existent, etc., there have been no changes to balance out automatic weapons.

ChipChipperson2708d ago

lil Titan don't try and change your answer. You're the same person who's the disgruntle rambo player and is glad that the sniper class is getting nerfed. You're comment implied exactly what I was talking about."then why would a sniper try to snipe in the first place?" Don't you think a player knows when there is sniper somewhere shooting at him. He'll tell his team and they'll go hunting for him sending squads and requesting counter sniping. You don't seem to realize that battle conditions change. There's a difference between firing from large open areas and fighting within urban environments filled with buildings where movement can be limited.

awi59512707d ago

3gen you being silly snipers were abusing the class. One shot kills are ok if the snipping in the game took some skill. The only thing you have to take into account is bullet drop. Leading your target isnt very good on BC 2, you dont have to use your scope to calculate your shot.

bozebo2707d ago

If SMGs are going to be accurate across the map again then sniping will be pointless. The PPSH in BC2:Vietnam is more effective than the m40 at any range.

jeseth2707d ago

If someone is good/lucky enough to hit you first with a sniper rifle before you can unloaded several bullets from an Assault Rifle, LMG, SMG . . . then YOU DESERVE TO DIE.

This game catering to the run and gun/bullet sprayers and taking away from/watering down sniper rifles is dissapointing.

Sniper Rifles should be one shot/one kill to the Head, Chest, or Leg. Period. Everything else is making BF more like "other" less tactical FPS games and taking away from the tactical attributes BF is more know for compare to "other" FPS games.

Getowned2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

there are too many snipers in BFBC2 all the time half the team are playing as snipers we don't need 1 hit kill for a team of snipers what we need is less snipers and more team work. they didnt nurf it snipers never had a 1 hit kill unless a headshot and i don't know about you but i wouldnt aim for anything outher then the head as a sniper any way.

now you want to know what is really nurfed in all most every game ever made hand guns unless it's a magnum or desert eagle.

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BubbleSniper2708d ago

i think there should be one hit body kills that are aimed straight in the heart. but thats just me.

xtremexx2708d ago

that would be very detailed lol

Getowned2707d ago

i would go for that head shots and heart shots lol

JsonHenry2708d ago

But what about hardcore mode? Surely it will be one hit kills 90% of the time then.

jib2707d ago

no complaints here. playing hardcore mode on 99% of my 600 hours i put in bc2 has trained me to play a lot more cautiously

showtimefolks2708d ago

and if it is FPS there will not be any snipers. I hate that people become invisible some where on the map with a sniper and not help the team in any way and just get the kills and than talk like they actually did something

snipers are not gamers

flankhim2708d ago

The reason why i snipe!

JsonHenry2708d ago

It depends. If it is deathmatch then I hope all my team camps it up while invisible. But if it is objective based and sniping adds nothing to the match other than someones K/D ratio then I want to vote-kick them on the spot.

Mr_Lu_Kim2708d ago

"snipers are not gamers"

Cry a bit harder there buddy or go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure. No snipers there.

2pacalypsenow2707d ago

if Snipers are not Gamers then why does every Shooting GAME Have them?

nickjkl2707d ago

but if they got the kills they stopped people from completing objectives isnt that the point of being a sniper

i dont think snipers are supposed to capture objectives

since you know sipers are long range

jeseth2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Is it because they are better aimers than you and that makes you mad while you run around like an idiot spraying bullets everywhere?

Come off it man. If you aren't smart enough to get around/flank a sniper after being shot, then you deserve to keep getting shot. I can't stand Sniping because I'm not good enough at it but I don't complain about them.

In real life, Snipers are King. Their abilities are unique. That should be reflected in the military FPS games that portray them.

In TDM a good sniper on your team can be a godsend . . . in some objective based modes they are annoying as F*** if they aren't defending the objective and just going for kills. That sucks but making sniper rifles less effective is not the answer.

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princejb1342708d ago

thats great, i be getting quick scoped on my big toe in COD and i be dying lol
but i still enjoy the game=]

theonlylolking2708d ago

No one hit body kills for a sniper makes NO SENSE! A sniper is not useful if they cant get a one hit body kills especially in a game where there is more room than in COD.

Good thing there will be mods on PC because dice is just retarded with that concept.

zeddy2708d ago

i dont like quickscoping but that doesnt mean i dont like 1 hit kills. just about the only thing black ops did right was the sniping.

M-M2708d ago

I agree, but they should at least have a gun like the M95 from BFBC2. Strong gun with a slow reload time(prevents quick scoping).

xCaptainAmazing2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I don't know how well their balance changes are going to work. I agree with nerfing the class of course, but now with weapon sway, breath holding, lens flare, and two hit body shots on top of that (yes, I realize the snipers were always two hit body shots) it's seeming like a super nerf. I'm not saying that all these changes dictate the usefulness of the class, but let's just hope these changes are well implemented without completely making the class useless. The only thing worse than an overpowered class is one that nobody wants to use, in my opinion.

I'm sure they've taken everything into consideration, so I'll just have to wait until the beta to see what it's roughly going to be in the gold version.

NeoTribe2708d ago

Snipers better kill one hit on hardcore.

MsclMexican2708d ago

Man really? I wish the sniper was one shot kill. I mean if I don't drop them the first time, their gonna drop the building on me before I can get out):

farhad2k82707d ago

But how's this realistic?
A .50 Cal bullet will kill anything in it's way in real life, and I thought BF3 is better than CoD because it is more 'realistic'.. more 'hardcore'?
How's this making it any better, and the BF3 AK47 seems to have no recoil at all? I've witnessesed it with my own eyes.

This game is so over hyped, I wonder if it would be this over hyped if CoD was NEVER invented. Now that's a good question, please answer it people.

P.s. I'm not a fan of either game, I just like 3rd person shooters.

DoomeDx2707d ago

Èasy kills = Not hardcore.

"and the BF3 AK47 seems to have no recoil at all? I've witnessesed it with my own eyes.

Read the headlien genius. it says they added more recoil

2pacalypsenow2707d ago

If this Game was "REALISTIC" Not many people would play it , not everyone wants full Realism its not fun imo

Sony3602707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

It's not a simulation game. A certain level of realism is required, but not completely.

Virus2012707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

One game that has always had good sniping mechanics is Halo (except for no scopers). Halo sniping has always been two shots in the body one to the head.

iamnsuperman2707d ago

That maybe true but i think torso hits should kill. Kind of unrealistc to take sniper bullets. It may stop quick scoping but you should always hit the main body when diring at someone. No sniper goes for the head. Its a smaller target and body shots kill anyway

DeadIIIRed2707d ago

I'd rather take my chances getting shot with the 7.62 than something small like a .306. Really though it just depends where you get shot.