IGN: Deus Ex: Load Time Comparison (360 / PS3 / 360)

We compare the loading times on the 360, PS3, and on a 360 that doesn't have the game installed.

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Punch-o3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I wonder do the type of HDD you have in your PS3 make a difference .I have a SSD hybrid 500gb in mine.

nightmarex1213324d ago

yeah their a lot of videos out their that show ssd are faster but only few seconds not by much though.

kaveti66163324d ago

what's an ssd hybrid?

You have a 500 gig SSD in your PS3?

It's like having a ferrari engine in a civic. Well, sort of.

rattletop3324d ago
watch this video. a hybrid is as the name states- something between ssd and regular HDD. advantage is that better speeds than normal hdds and cheaper compared to ssd

kaveti66163324d ago

thank you.

marked as helpful.

2pacalypsenow3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Does a few seconds really Justify the HUGE! price difference between Regular HDD's and SSD's? just wondering

bozebo3323d ago

It tends to be games that only load slightly faster off SSDs. In a PC - the SSD makes a huge difference to everything else (and still helps for games). I think it is because games typically have to decompress the content, which causes a CPU bottleneck at some point.

btk3324d ago

Oh nooooo
I have to wait a full 5 seconds more. Whatever will I do? The sky is falling.

Theonetheonly3324d ago

Oh nooooo
I have to wait a full 5 seconds more to change my disk. Whatever will I do? The sky is falling.
I dont know why i said that I dont even own a 360 but i saw the irony :)

Anon19743324d ago

Difference is, I don't have to move my ass off the couch. If I wanted to get up when I was gaming, I'd own a Kinect. :)

Arnon3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Getting off the couch should never be something to complain about.

TyrionL3323d ago

LOL, I would be ashamed to admit I was too f%$king lazy to get off my ass for 4 seconds.

insomnium23323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

@ you guys

Here's a copy/paste from a reply I gave about this same topic:

"If you want to turn it around and say "well people always bash multiple discs on x360" I'm going to tell you that you must've misunderstood the problem with multidiscs. Ill tell you.

There are many games out there that devs will not put on multiple discs. Sportsgames for example or openworld like GTA. Those types of games are limited by the available space on DVD because they will not put them on multiple discs for obvious reasons. THAT'S the problem with x360 and it's DVD drive. That's what I've been telling atleast. On RPG or games like that multidisc is NO PROBLEM AT ALL. You'd have to be a fanboy to say so. Sure it might seem a little last gen with multidiscs but that does NOT limit certain games that they are multidisc. It's games like Tekken or SSF4 or racing games that get problems with multidisc."

One of the best examples of this is Forza 3. It simply was not possible to fit it all on one DVD so they alienated the people without a HDD from he 100% experience. That's pretty bad in my books for a racer.

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mrlonewolf3324d ago

At least with 360 u get the choice of installing or not. And ps3 installs and updates take forever

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2pacalypsenow3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

when your xbox 360 sounds like a Boeing 747 when reading disks its not much of a choice but a requirement. And i wait months for a game a few minutes dont hurt

SlxTeN3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

is the ps3 Deus Ex fully installed to HDD or only half installed?

Brawler3324d ago

hlaf installed i think it was 4gb so i would really hope the 360 installed would win everytime.

TheXgamerLive3324d ago

yea, only a partial instal. the ps3 doesn't have the option to do a full instal on a game.

TimeSkipLuffy3323d ago

If I remember correctly someone added a full install option for the game Bayonetta... I guess it depends if a full install actually helps. The disc is required nonetheless.

bozebo3323d ago

It is up to the developer, XGamer. Devs usually have a portion of the game installed and have some of the content read off the disk. So the largest bottleneck resources (textures) would be on the HDD and rarely accessed resources (cut scenes etc.) would be on the disk. They don't want to install the entire game because a lot of their customers might have tiny 40GB HDDs (or something).

TheXgamerLive3323d ago

nice, i hadn't heard that. to bad they all can't, you'd notice a difference, but thanks for the info guys.

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