Blu-Ray 1.1: A lawsuit waiting to happen?

Early adopters of Blu-Ray Disc could be so incensed by changes being made to 'their' movie format that they could sue Hollywood studios and hardware makers alike.

This is because many Blu-Ray movies being launched next year have interactive menus and other features that take advantage of BD-Video Final Standard Profile 1.1.

says Olivier Van Wynendaele, spokesman for the European arm of the HD DVD Promotion Group. Rob Mead Of says he has a point, and it's a very good one:

"You some have hardware limitations. Persistent memory, for instance, mandates that you have flash memory inside the player, which is what HD DVD players have."

"You can't upgrade the hardware"
"Take a Samsung or a Sony player - they have no flash memory. How will you introduce flash memory into a player which has already been designed and introduced? It's not a PC, you can't change the board, you can't upgrade it," Van Wynendaele told

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Jen5en4934d ago

Oh no! *Sounds the flame siren*

SDFm3rc4934d ago

the last I heard SONY is now in $12 billion long-term debts. Now don';t get me wrong, I'm a major SONY fan, but s#it, if I were SONY I'd just concentrate on trying to knock out some decent GAMES, and not worry about this stupid format war FFS. The PS3 is first and foremost a GAMING machine right?

1. Toshiba's money is NOW infinitly longer than SONY's.

2. Sony should never have stepped head-on into another format war, knowing that they've LOST ALL PREVIOUS ONES.

Fighter4934d ago

Blu ray is not only Sony. Sony and other companies are all responsible for Blu ray.

Someone once told me that early DVD players could only read a single layer of a DVD and they didn't have firmware updates back then. I could be wrong.

From what I know about this 1.1 update all previous players can still play new movie but the new features will not be accessible. That is not right for consumers but that's the price for being an early adopter to any forms of technology, you'll always get screwed. Since the attach rate for stand-alone BD players are low maybe the Blu ray group should replace the old players with new ones to satisfy the customers or maybe release an add-on device for those players.

cuco334934d ago

They lost on MOST but not all.

This 1.1 profile ordeal is something I've seen come from a long ways. It's proof on why the format was launched unfinished. There's what... 2 1.1 compliant players on the market? The new one from Panasonic (heard good things about it) and the Samsung dual format one. I could be wrong on 2 but it isn't large. Sony themselves recently certified their newest player due out soon to 1.0 profile just days before the 1.1 deadline date of 10/31/07

Regret4934d ago

They finnaly made very good format, and they totaly fcked up with this.

green4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

dont know why sony never learns from their mistakes,by going along with this format war.They lost all previous ones so what made them so sure they would win this one.

I know the stakes are massive for winners but it really is getting tiring for the consumers.I dont have HD-DVD or BLUE RAY but decided to buy HD-DVD drive for he 360 this christmas on the basis of cost.But after hearing about the fall update for the 360 and their digital distribution service.Ive decided tobuy a larger hard drive and download all my movies in 720p instead.Hardly ever rewatch movies anyway.And thosei really want i still have the option of buying them

As for sony seems they are digging their graves again.because if there is a lawsuitand it becomes public.then it will seriously dent blue rays reputation


Sony did win in some area (the betamax was kindda huge embarrassment but anyway) Video8 was the dominate format in comcorder market and MiniDise is pretty successful in Japan. If you really count the number that Sony lost in format war (I mean "a war" and not some partial nich market penetration), you only get 1 big one; the Betamax.
However, there are some other smaller war like the SDDS and MiniDisc, which is hardly call a war since it was develop for different market and on much different scale.
Anyway, the BR-DVD associate is made up of several big manufactures and entertainment companies, namely, Apple, Dell, H-P, and Samsung.
You are greatly mistaken to think that this is Sony Vs Toshiba war.
Its a war in a much larger scale that involve almost all of the biggest home entertainment companies in the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.