Magazines vs. Websites: Game News in a Duel of Print and Online

The New York Times reports that video game magazine publishers are facing problems in the business. Gamers are turning to the Internet for faster information. The two biggest publishers - Ziff Davis Media and Future US, which control most of the major game magazines in the United States - have been trying various strategies to tip the balance back in their favor.

The report discusses Electronic Gaming Monthly, 1UP Network,,, PC Gamer,, and, and gives some data and numbers for those magazines and websites.

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Dio10804930d ago

why waste $29.95 a year?, its called one word, "free" for online.

Maddens Raiders4930d ago

it doesn't matter where you get the content - yes, free will always win out, but gamers want good information. Who's going to throw away good cash for routine news ((and)) bad or at the very least , suspect reviews?

Masonsushi4930d ago

I like reading the mags on the pot as well as reading them when I go on my lunch break at work. It is too hard to carry a laptop everywhere I go, plus get an internet connection.

Another reason I like the mags is for the special articles that they get from the game companies. I think that is how they are going to survive. They can't keep up with the internet with speed of content.

Lastly I like the mags cause it is a nostalgic feeling i get whe I read them. It reminds me of when I was a kid reading the Nintnedo Power cover to cover and couldn't wait for the new issue to come out.
Now I know that is silly, but It still holds true to me.

Seriously4930d ago

I do read info online pretty much everyday while checking email, etc. but I still love getting the good old rags every month. I do not want to take my laptop to the crapper just to surf internet news. I get EGM, PLAY, OXM & Gameinformer. I figure if I can't make heads or tails of a game and bs reviews through those then the internet won't help either. I can take a mag everywhere. THey don't need power, they don't need wifi, they won't burn my lap or cost me money if dropped and the pictures download a lot quicker in my magazines, lol.

I like the instaneous news on the web but I won't get rid of my mags anytime soon.

xionpunk4930d ago

about the nostalgia thing, I know what you mean. I just threw away my entire collection of PSM magazines recently, and now I'm regretting it (especially with its recent demise) I used to love reading and rereading
those things, but I was running out of space (damn you tiny dorm room!!)

xionpunk4930d ago

Nah, print isn't going anywhere,at least not any time soon. People have more trust in print journalism, I think. I'd much rather read a magazine than read from a computer screen.And also, I find that I hardly ever read the whole of an article when its online, just kinda scan over it. I do think that game mags need to reinvent the way they do things however to combat the appeal of the immediacy of the internet.

Rooted_Dust4930d ago

I still keep myself subscribes to a couple PC gaming mags, especially PC Gamer. I personally see print media as set to a higher standard than online gaming journalism.