No age rating on Lair disc caused delay

The sudden delay that saw Lair's UK release pushed back even further behind the US release was due to there being no age rating on the game discs, Sony has told CVG.

Sony told CVG last week, on the day before Lair was due to go on sale: "Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the launch of Lair has been delayed very slightly."

But speaking to employees at UK retailer GAME, CVG has learnt that "the reason Lair has been delayed is because there is no age rating printed on the disk."

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whiteshadow4923d ago

I don't know what are you talking about.I am from greece and lair is out from Friday.

jackfatal4923d ago

and i will be surprised if it sells!!

jlytle12344923d ago

its funny how europeans have nudity and swearing everywhere in the media but really regulate violence and america really regulates nudity and swearing and not so much on the violence.

monkey6024923d ago

The problems caused by age ratings recently is getting rediculous. I know we need them but enough delays already

achira4923d ago

game is out already to my surprise.